10 Feel-Good, Yum Yum Yoga Poses

I have 10 years of yoga experience under my belt and I’m proud of still, some of the simplest ones that any beginner can do. 🙂 Yoga is more about how you feel, and less about how you look; although social media doesn’t always reflect it.

Here are some feel-good yum yum yum poses to add to your current flow:

Child’s Pose

This pose is great when your looking to relax and steady your breathing (especially after finishes 2 sets of Sun Salutations).

Wheel Pose

It can be tricky starting off (supported or unsupported bridge pose), but once you engage your glutes and spine, wheel pose is quite rewarding. Friendly tip: widen out your arms at the beginning, that way, you are able to arch your back easier.

Bounded Triangle Pose

This pose is really great at stretching out your legs, shoulders and most importantly, your chest!

Forearm and Wrist Stretches

Coming on to all fours, flip your palm so that your wrists face the front of the mat and then slowly peel back the hips towards your heels.  This is a perfect pose if you have weak wrist.

national women's show yoga tree pose

Tree Pose

It may seem like a simple, easy pose, but actually, it can be challenging at times. If you have flat feet or imbalanced at times (I know I can be!) This pose is perfect for you.

Start in a mountain pose ( shoulders rolled back and spine lifted) Then, if you are starting in Mountain, slowly begin to lift one leg up towards your ankles and then your shins or inner thigh (Whichever length is good). After, slowly raise your arms towards the sky and hold for a couple of breaths.

national women's show yoga dancer's pose

Dancer Pose

This position is challenging at first but once you get it can be very rewarding. Lord of the Dance is great for balance, opening your thighs, chest, and strengthening your ankles!

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Mermaid Pose (in Pigeon)

This position is extremely beneficial for your thighs, groins, chest and shoulders.

yoga, pose, spiritual, instagram

Scorpion Pose

This pose is for the more advanced yogi, and I highly suggest using the wall as a prop if you’re scared about flipping over! Make sure your back is well warmed up and you energetically hug your triceps in so that your elbows aren’t splaying out.

yoga, pose, spiritual, instagram

Split side stretch

Great for opening up your side body and stretching out your thighs, arms, and chest. Sometimes, I like just reading in this pose, not gonna lie. <3

yoga downward dog

Downward Facing Dog

It is a well known yoga pose and can be as relaxing like in child’s pose. Friendly tip: If you are having a hard time positing yourself in down dog do this: start in child’s pose but curl your toes under, then while keeping your arms straight and in front, gently push your hips into the air (while keeping your legs bent) and once your hips are in the air, straighten out your legs.

Feel free to stretch and talk with me!

Do you practice yoga? What’s the tightest area in your body?