How To Find Your Sign + I Share My Own Universe Signs!

Every time I need direction in my life, I turn to meditation and journaling and ask for a universe sign.

I have this regular conversation with the Universe/God/Jesus/Source energy; I ask for guidance and reassurance. Am I doing the right things? Am I going the right way? Are good things coming?

Universe, send me a sign; tell me something. I need your words of wisdom in the moment.”

And she speaks back in multiple ways; for example, my universe sign for guidance is a dream catcher. I saw so many in Vancouver; it took my breath away and I just knew I was meant to be there. In the right place at the right time.

dream catcher universe sign

When I find money on the ground, even if it’s just a 5 cent coin, it’s a sign of financial abundance. That I needn’t worry about when I’m getting my next paycheck, where I’ll find work, how I’m going to pay rent.

When I see 11:11 on the clock, or 111 on a house sign, it’s a sign that my intentions are in align with my actions. I’m going the right way–>keep going. (This is because the “1” angel number corresponds with intentional manifesting; it’s generally the number I look for but there are other ones as well):

Sometimes I’ll look up from my computer and see the number “4:44” on my clock.

Or someone cancels their appointment with me, and suddenly I am perfectly able to fit in an errand I’ve been meaning to do but putting off in that time. I honour these changes; they are working in my favour and on against me; although it doesn’t always seem or FEEL like it at the time!

So, those are my universe signs. How do you determine what’s your universe sign? It’s simple; but we often overthink this.

Bobble down. Close your eyes. Breathe. Say out loud,

“Universe, what is my sign?”

It should be blaringly obvious; and don’t question what comes up in your head; it’s often the first thing; and it’ll just feel right. It could be a word. A phrase. A song. An animal–anything.

And at any point, that universe sign could change; let it be flexible; but don’t force the change. It’s all intuitive. It’s all in your gut. Ask yourself with every thought, “is this coming from my head, or my gut?” It’s a gut feeling that you can’t articulate.

So…let me ask you…what’s your universe sign?