Life Lately + a Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day (Giveaway)!

If two witches watched two watches, which witch would watch which watch?

^ There’s a tongue tie fer ya. Another thing havin’ me tongue-tied is this beautiful Jord Watch…

jord rose gold watch

I got the Cora koe & rose gold watch. I think its so, so so beautiful! I’ve always loved rose-gold accessories.

“Finely grained golden Koa wood and rich rose tones encapsulate the beauty of a summer sunset. Warm, and luminous light is thrown across the horizon of grain, as the day ticks away. Simple and stunning, crafted to be adored, our Cora was created for you.”

Your purchase of a Cora timepiece includes a $115 care package free of charge. This package includes a collector’s edition humidor cedar watch box, cleaning cloth, and a 6 month supply of JORD Preserve: a custom-formulated wood treatment gel with applicator pen. An elegant presentation coupled with products to keep your timepiece in optimal condition for years to come.”

I love boho chic and that’s why I selected this one. Paired with the wooden wrist, the colour combo is amazing. The wood, Koa, is a soft wood harvested from Hawaii. It’s beautiful. I could pair this baby wearing anything brown, black, or pink.

It comes with a 1 year warranty and lke the standard watch, displays hours, minutes and seconds. It’s splash proof (not water proof)

jord rose gold watch

The wrist sizing is a bit tricky (mine is too loose).

Honestly it’s so pretty and precious, I kind of don’t want to wear it. I don’t want to scratch or dirty it! But of course, clothes were made for wearing, boots were made for walking, and watches were made for wearing (and showing off) ^^

If you like my watch, you can get $100 off your purchase! Just click here for a chance to win!

So…what else is happening in my life recently?

food demo

I did a food demo for the very first time. It was for pizza; but not just any pizza. The crust was mixed with veggies; beets (the crust was a lovely red!), spinach(a lovely green!), and cauliflower(a lovely gold.)

summer 2019 gym schedule

The gym is revamping their summer schedule; there are reduced classes to accomodate a)less traffic over the summer, and b)less funding to the school. I may try one of the 30-minute classes because they’re HIIT-based and I enjoy that. I can always do yoga at home and to be honest, their yoga is way too simple for me.

show choir

Show choir wrapped up and it was SO AWESOME. Can you spot me?^

show choir

^That was for “Welcome to the Renaissance”. We did quite a few numbers this year. By far, my favourite though, was this…

show choir

Candy store! I believe it’s from this musical, which I’ve never watched…but now I want to!

show choir

^This was New York Medley. 🙂 A mashup of a bunch of songs that were new-york related such as Empire State of Mind, New York, New York, etc. We also sang a song from the The Greatest Showman to end the show. 😉

Singing, acting, and dancing will ALWAYS be a part of my life. It’s my source of creativity and it gets me so PUMPED.


**I was provided this product in exchange for an honest review. I was not paid to necessarily write a positive review.**

Which wrist do you wear your watches on? What’ve you been up to lately? Don’t forget to enter the giveaway–it’ll be a PERFECT GIFT FOR MOTHER’S DAY!