4 Secrets to Mindful Eating

Oh hello, you. <3

I’ve been open about my history with over/binge eating and after adopting healthier habits and a sugar-free, keto-paleo lifestyle, it’s gotten a lot better. However, during times of stress I still find myself circling back to what’s not serving me; I refuse to go back to the days of being elbow-deep in a nut butter jar, feeling full and sick to my stomach, sweaty and fraught with anxiety and shame. I know I’m better than treating myself like that. In this video, I share with you 4 intentions I’m adopting.

My 4 tips are:

  1. To embed my food with loving thoughts with the prayer, “I love my food and my food loves me.”
  2. To breathe in and out deeply and slowly 3 times before I eat.
  3. To chew my food 32 times
  4. To eat without electronics

Now, i’m not perfect–usually I get 50-75% percent–so 2-3/4 intentions done.

Mindful eating is so important to me. I sleep better, I think sharper, I’m able to show up as my highest self to serve the world around me. I’m just a happier overall person.

I remember being addicted to sugar in high school. Back then, I ate a high carb, low fat diet, was also trying to find my place among my peers, and discover my love for the arts. I was working through a lot on the inside, whether I gave myself that credit or not. I remember feeling a sense of dread everytime we worked in group projects–I was tired, didn’t want to get up out of my seat because my digestion was acting up and I just felt plain lethargic. I didn’t have the patience to deal with debates in group discussions. I was also insanely gassy–and boy oh boy was that embarrassing. And painful. There was 1 or 2 times I had to miss rehearsal because my stomach literally felt like it was going to explode. I prayed to God and made deals with him.

“Dear God, I swear if you relieve me of this pain I’m gonna be the best daughter ever and obey everything my parents tell me to do…just please please please please please please please make it stop.”

I’m sooooo much better now! I’ve changed my diet, grown spiritually and matured through phases of stress in my life (and stress majorly contributes to digestion and mood). Not only that, but I made small, actionable steps to make these changes. Mindful eating has helped me tune into the moment and appreciate each bite. I am fortunate enough to have food. I made time to chew. I my time to swallow and enjoy my meal instead of rush through it. I feel happy, lighter, and actually satisfied and it’s saved me from binges! I don’t want this to be a secret–everyone should feel this way. I want you to try this out, because let’s face it–you deserve better than shoveling food in your mouth. You deserve a luxurious experience. You deserve a date with your food. You deserve self-respect; so act like it, breathe like it, eat like it.

Are you in for the next 30 days?