How I Deal with the Hard Parts of Life // Q+A!

Hello m’fitties!

Wow, I’m writing this at 2:15pm on a Friday. I woke up so late today–10:11am when I usually wake around 9am. I guess that’s how you know you’re tired. Last night, rehearsals went until 11PM. I was dead at 8pm. How on earth did I–?!

Anyyyyy whooozies, I’m happy to share with you my routines for success and what’s been going on for me in an Q + A feature with the amazing girls over at Amazing and Confused! I met up with them 1 year ago in the summer to support their fitness workout event–we got in some good cardio from dance and a strengthening session through a circuit; I eventually ended up winning some amazing powdered peanut powder protein too, which I still treasure to this day <3 I use it to flavour my lattes with Fred, my frother.

Hope you enjoyed my secrets! What was one biggest takeaway for you?