3 Journal Prompts To Try If You’re Stuck!

Hello m’fitties!

Journaling has been an integral part of my self-development. It’s been an integral part of manifestation, becoming high vibe (aka feeling good), and self-reflection. In fact, I feel off my game if I don’t journal after meditation a certain day (a perfectionistic habit I’m learning to become more flexible with). I’ve shared so many intimate stories through the Private Diary Series.

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A lot of you have been asking, “What do I journal? Just things that happened that day?” And I get it–it gets old when you only rehash the day. The thing is, when you journal, you really have to FEEL into the the feeling that you’re exuding through your pen, otherwise it feels forced and lackluster. This is why I practice stream-of-consciousness writing after a gratitude meditation.

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I’m happy to share with you some journal prompts I’ve collected when I’ve felt stuck. I hope this bring you as much inspiration as it’s brought me!


How I like to spend my time:

  • At what time of day do I feel energized?
  • Do I like racing from one activity to another, or having unhurried transition?
  • What activities take up my time but aren’t useful/ stressful?
  • would I like to spend more time with friends or myself?
  • Do I have several things on my calendar that I anticipate with pleasure?
  • What can I do for hours on end without feeling burned out?
  • What daily/weekly activity did I do for fun when I was 10 years old

What I value:

  • What’s most satisfying to me: saving time, money, or effort?
  • Does it bother me to act differently from others or do I get a charge outta it?
  • Do I spend a lot of time on something that’s important to someone else, but not me?
  • If I had $500 that I had to spend on fun, how would I spend it?
  • Do I like to listen to experts or figure things out on my own?
  • Does spending money on an activity make me feel more committed or less committed to it?
  • Would I be happy to see my children have the life I’ve had?

My current habits:

  • Am I more likely to indulge in a bad habit in a group or when I’m alone?
  • If I could magically, effortlessly change one habit in my life, what would it be?
  • If people around me could change one of my habits what would they choose?
  • Of my existing habits, which would I like to see my children adopt? or not?

Do you journal? How often? What time of day? Which of these questions resonated with you?