Notes to Self: Unedited | Private Diary Entries

I’m sharing some of my thoughts once again. This is what I do on a daily basis with journaling to raise my vibrations. Note that a lot of these entries are dated back, and represent the stage of life I was at then. I am not the same person now, nor was I exactly the same person I was yesterday. Every single day we shed old skin cells and shed old thoughts, revealing another layer of ourselves to discover.


How I raise my vibes!

October 5 2018:

As we head into Thanksgiving, I am very weary of spending it, once again, alone. There’s something beautiful, slow, and melancholy about the colder weather that I love, and yet, feel so alone and quiet. I love it, but I also feel like a piece of me is missing ; searching for something else to fulfill me.

Am I fulfilled?

Fulfillment comes from within.

If I get really quiet, I can hear my inner voice speaking to me: “You are never alone. Not all those who wander are lost.”

I don’t know where I am going…

“Let me lead you. Trust in the universe. Trust in me.”

…okay, but I feel alone.

“You’re connected by the stars. We all are.

It’s okay to cry

Let me hold you

Do not worry. Do not despair.

November 1, 2018

A spa date @ a co-sharing space would be blessed.

November 3, 2018

Cold outside,

Warm inside,

I not can’t wait till Christmas.

To Do:

  • Laundry
  • Review LOA notes
  • Yoga
  • Applied theatre Homework
  • clean room
  • Journal

Today, my inner self is calm and I am so thankful. I’m thankful for the Christmas feels I cultivate, the time I have to myself and my independence. I feel cozy in my H&M hoodie. I feel good about this giant aroma coffee table I have with me. My tummy feels soothed and warm.

You know,

Some days I can’t stand to be with myself

some days I love it.

Today I am irrevocably in love with myself.

I am at peace.

And it’s so beautiful I cried.

I do not have to be anywhere

or do anything







I booked this appointment with me. I will savor it. I will enjoy it. I am pretty special, and I will respect my time.

The Courage Habit Book Notes

“Just as you work with the Critic, rather than avoiding, pleasing, or attacking, you can work with people who are willing to create more respectful communication. Reframe limiting Stories about yourself, or about how much connection is possible. You can even build reframing into how you respond to someone who isn’t supportive. Here are just a few examples:

I’m hearing you share a lot about what could go wrong, and I’ve thought of those things, too. I’m really excited about this decision and would prefer to talk about all of the things that could go right.

When you tell me that I seem different, there;s a tone there that I’m interpreting as maybe being critical. Is it? I feel good about the changes I’m making, and I’d like to request your support.

I want to respect your opinion, and now I’ve heard it–really and truly. I’ve listened. I still think that the choices I’m making are the choices that are best for me.

“Offer empathy, before you offer advice. In other words? Treat people how you’d want to be treated. When people aren’t willing to respect the changes that you’re making in your life, you might need to make some difficult yet courageous choices. You might limit what you talk about with them, so long as it doesn’t mean editing who you are. “

How To Act As If

Who are you right now?

A student. A youtube blogger. Yogi.

What’s your vision?

A) Morning Routine: HIIT, running in beautiful crisp air of Algonquin park, yoga in the daylight with essential oils, meditating, journaling, singing, Nature, Bliss.

B) work: Interactive, Seeing things. Talking to people (friendly & non-pressure/confronational/a standard. Helping and being helped. High vibes. Giving my light active leisure. At my own pace and yet at times that its busy. Creative Discovery.

C) Evening routine: Yoga. Dance something moderately active. aromatherapy. Massage and beauty. back support. A story (novel or audio) tea and hot cocoa. ASMR. Journal/planner. Quiet time/cuddle time with a dog. Rocking chair, playing with zen box.

D) Things to enjoy: everything listen above! Travel. Spa. Festivals. ASMR. Shows. Knitting? A dog. Learning!

What is the name of the high vibe version of you?

Goddess. Angel Wings.

What is her energy like?

Radiant. Love. Attracting/Enticing . When she walks into a room, her presence is under lable. Confident. grounded. Trust in herself. Warm. Vibrant.

How Does She Communicate with others?

With a loving kindness and sureness and with distance from how its received/the outcome. With empathy but not sympathy. With understanding but not pity nor permission.

What is her job title? what does she do?

Artist. Guide. A coach. A light. She creates, she coaches, she helps, she guides, she explores, she shares her time, intimacy, and accountability.

What music does she listen to?

Lo-fi pop/Jazz/ Classical, pop music and celtic. some indie and definitely acoustic.

What does she eat?

Ground up. Wholesome. No starch; paleo-keto. Grass-fed and organic herbs and meats and warm soups and savory salads. She eats mindfully and eats with so much gratitude and love. Each bite is expensive.

What does her finances look like?

Freakin the $$ flows like a nonstop river into her bank account. There’s nothing she can’t afford. She doesn’t buy a lot–only things she wants with appreciation and intention. Not mindless. Not buying things out of FOMO, i.e. taking advantage of a sale. She has enough. She has more than enough, and so she invests into people, travel, experiences and charities and homes & her dreams. She’s rich in wallet and heart.

How does she hold herself? (good posture?)

She comes in with her chin up and angel wings spread. She’s composed and cool and collected.

Who is she loving to?

Herself. Possibly a dog.

How does she show up?

With confidence. And groundedness. She smells like peppermint.

When does she rest?

At night and sporadically throughout the day to ground herself.

What does she wear? what’s her hair like?

She wears boho chic. Ethereal. She has mermaid dip-dyed hair and leather boots and heels. She has a makeup/hair dresser and personal stylist. She’s dressy-casual.

What are the 3 words that describe her?

Loving. Authentic. Enlivened.

How do you want to feel about money?

Relaxed. confident. intentional. not fearing but loving. Abundant. Not worried. Not analytical. not judgmental. Grateful–> there is way more where that came from! carefree.

What would your life be like if you knew you were always being guided?

I would be free. I would trust in the path I’m taking, the place I’m at; the obstacles I’m facing. No matter what troubles arise, I am calm in the eye of the storm because I know am taken care of, and where I’m at is not a mistake. I don’t regret; I trust in the highest good. What’s meant for me will fulfilled and not alone. I know that everything will flourish in it’s divine timing. I am patient. I am less hesitant. I am present and I am not anxious. I am shining.

After writing this, I feel hopeful, and loving and open minded. I trust in myself and the inner voice that links up with my highest god. My goddess.

Power Phrases: I am free. I am present. I am shining. I know what’s meant for me will not pass me. I would trust more, anxious less. I know that I am taken care of.

I hope this was engaging for you to read, and hope you took away something with you!

What’re you reading/watching right now?