Remember the What’s In My Pantry post?

Well, in the day in the life of a student it can be tough running around, not buying fast food on campus which is cheap and easy (wait…but are you cheap and easy? Heck to the no!)

I keep these as little hacks to have on me when I’m on-the-go.



You can’t get simpler than this. You don’t even need a container for these babes. They come with their nature’s natural container–their shell. Gosh, it’s perfect. I’m a natural fan of eggs and when I’m not on the go, I have my yolks runny.





Literally, I threw in a package of raw bacon in my backpack, grabbed a spoon and glass jar and headed on campus. I was in a rush to get some work done at the standing desks. Come lunch time, I took out the package of bacon and cooked it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, mixing it in between and did this 5-6 times until it was all cooked! Talk about super quick, on-the-go meal. If that’s too weird for you (and you’re weird for thinking so, might I say…xD) then just buy some precooked bacon! You can find it at your local grocer or here: Precooked Bacon to go:

bacon wrapped scallops at the keg



(You can get them here:

Chips are great if you don’t want to get your hands to oil/nitty gritty handling cutlery and a bowl. I get tired of that sometimes, you know? Sometimes I want to continue in the flow of my work without the hassle picking up and putting down dishware/tupperware. I just want to pop something in my mouth quickly, chew on it as I continue writing this blog post/an essay/edit a youtube thumbnail.

Oh yes, I’m hiring a videographer and film editor/personal assistant for this stuff too 🙂 If I’m feeling up to it, I’d bring some MCT oil with me to dip with my pork chips. MCT oil is FANTASTIC for energy and weight loss, by the way! I get mine here:

Vancouver, chips, pork, rinds

pork rind chips



Straight up, I will have tabs of butter! You can get them at local cafes and restaurants, but there’s nothing wrong with using a knife and a block of butter to manually carve up a slice yourself when you’re in the car or sitting in class/at the office.


And there you have it my fitties! Hope you enjoyed these little hacks ^^

What’s your favourite on-the-go food/snack?