Whoop de doo, here is the FINAL part in the self-experimentation series where I record my thoughts every hour.

Ya’ll know the experimentation I had with part 1, and then part 2


Did you know that 80% of our thoughts in a day are negative?


Control your mind, control what you attract. This week’s I take an audit on what my repeating thoughts are. Every hour, I write in a little notebook what most dominant thoughts are. This helps to recognise my most pressing thoughts, and start making positive changes to them.


I decided to continue this experiment for DAY 2 and now here’s DAY 3:

9AM: What should my RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion–a way to measure exercise intensity) be for today’s workout?  Should I shower today? Wow. this podcast is 2.5x its normal speed. Am I to challenge myself mentally today or should I slow it down to absorb all the info?

10AM: Wow, I’m banging out some mad podcasts! I’m already 4 down today, checking off my life. Should I take the bathroom running route? Or…?

11AM: I am on time. I am on time. I am on time. (feeling flustered and late)

12PM: I have so much homework I CAN do. Just waiting to also hear back from people so I can complete them because I need their input. *twiddles fingers*

1PM: Nicole doesn’t like this class nor does she like performing and I’m kinda bummed out? She’s negative towards theatre but she has a nice bubbly personality that I get along with! I see this reflected in me when I’m sleep and low-energy but in a public/social setting. But man is it important to surround myself with non complacent people, people that I vibe with and inspire me to dream big.


2PM: I’m high vibe. Also can’t wait for the club meeting starting at 2:30pm today!

3PM: So THIS is the team! I love M’s energy. It was nice to see P again too.

4PM: NOMNOMNOMNOM IT’S GOOD TO SEE H AGAIN TOO (eating and chatting with a friend/coworker)

5PM: Okay, I want 3 more butter tabs. I’ll save some for tomorrow too.


6PM: OH SHIT I GOTTA GO TO WORK I’M GONNA BE LATE! IamontimeIamontimeIamontime.

7PM: (at work) Hm…who can I co-study with? My Friday-Sunday evenings are free…

8PM: I can’t wait to move onto the next list of callers. I can’t stand these guys.

9PM: WhemAmIGonnaMakeTimeToGetMyStudentFiancesSortedOut x10 I probably can Thursday afternoon? I have to find a quiet spot to do the phone call. GAHH STRESS STRESS STRESS!

10PM: My heart is full and I trust myself. I trust in the universe. I choose to see this with love: work, student loans, meetings, and food parties. I trust myself and my magic ability deeply. My past triggers no longer define me and do not hold me back. I choose. I choose. I choose. I am new and reborn and magic and negativity and past experiences cannot touch me. People love me. People want to be around me. People are attractive to my light. I am light and love.

11PM: Ah, trust trust trust. Don’t act out of fear. I trust myself. No matter if I can predict the future or not, I know it’ll work out to my favour. No catastrophizing here. What if…I can soar? 🙂


  1. I’m always rushing somewhere.
  2. I’m very pragmatic: I like asking myself, “What can I do about this situation right now? How can I make it right? How can I solve this problem, or at least, WHEN can I solve this problem?” A lot of times this pulls me out of the present moment. If I don’t have a solution, the problem tugs at my mind and it becomes a crazy spin of thoughts. You know what? sometimes it works but some other times I don’t have an answer and this DRIVES ME NUTS.

My current mantra is, “I trust myself.” This gives me immense faith, and when you have faith, MIRACLES HAPPEN! Miracles are natural.

Faith is leaping before you look. Faith is not controlling. Faith is releasing. Faith is free. Faith is peace. Faith is positive. Faith is certainty. Faith is belief and strength and confidence. Faith is love.

Faith is unconditional certainty and love.

Go deep inside and use the instruments you hold, and then just let go of controlling the direction of the wind. You’ll always end up exactly where you need to be.

What’s your current mantra?