Turn FOMO into JOMO!

turning fomo into jomo

I kept telling myself I wasn’t worth it. Yet.

I kept saving the best until later,.

and later.

and later…until later was always a future that I never touched because I kept putting off further into the future.

This was the case with clothing. I noticed this the other day going through my closet putting away the summer clothes and taking out the fall ones. There were dresses I wore only once!

selfie dress curly hair

I never wore this dress. I felt like an anime character! ๐Ÿ™‚

It dawned on me that I would buy some really expensive or pretty clothing but wouldn’t dare touch it because it was too precious. I wanted to save it for someday. Whenever that is.

This has not only happened with clothing, but also happened with coupons, food, equipment detergent, sales, sales, sales, did I mention–SALES? I acted out of scarcityย for the fear that I’d never have the chance to have this brand newย thing again.

So when will I ever use it/do it? If not now, then when? The time is now. By depriving myself of the things I knew I wanted to use someday, I was depriving myself of becoming the person I wanted to be. Someday. I was delaying her arrival. Isn’t it ironic that we strive to be the type of person we want to be but when presented with the circumstances, we don’t allow ourselves to go through? I didn’t think this would be me, but after a soul search-journaling session, I realized this was true.

journal sticky notes scrapbook

How did I get myself to finally step up and own up to the person I wanted to be? Yes, I like fancy napkins and I’ll use them right here, alone eating salad instead of saving it for the day I dine with my future husband-to-be in some fancy restaurant. I’m going to use that lipstick that’s still in its boxed packaging even though I’m not done my current one because this new colour feels authentic to who I am right now at this stage in life. I have to stop robbing myself of my deservance. I deserve to have all these things and am good enough to use it right here, right now.

shanti meditation bowl

I’ve always loved Zen Meditation bowls but never took the luxury to get one. Even when I did, I couldn’t get myself to take it out of the box. I just didn’t want it to get dusty. I didn’t want to spoil it.


How did I let go of that feeling of scarcity and create a mindset of abundance?


Faith, my love. Faith.

This is something I’ve learned from spiritual guru Gabrielle Bernstein–her book The Universe Has Your Back is one of the best books I’ve ever read in self development and I’ve thought about getting the 52-card deck and journal to add to my zen box, a sacred treasure box I have to zen out.

I have undeniable trust in the universe that in the future I’ll be presented with this opportunity again. This opportunity to engage in this sale at ______, in these articles of clothing, in this or that. The truth is, I’m not gonna be missing out! There’s no need to be so precious because everything that you want will occur again in the future (this isn’t to say to take everything you have for granted)! I have trust that I’ll get the chance to participate again in the future. Why do I have to act like it’s the one and only time to do so in my life now? Life is full of so many chances. There’s no doubt in the future you’ll get this again.


FOMO. Fear of missing out. That. doesn’t exist in this world–unless you want it to. And you subconsciously tell yourself that you “want” to by living it out presently.

The fear of scarcity, AKA fomo, has been causing me to do a lot of things that vibrate at a low level.

I overspend, thinking that I need all the stuff when really I’m just hoarding them and not utilizing them because I’m afraid of missing out on the sale, or overeat because I feel like I need to get all the food in my mouth before it somehow goes away, or trying to maximize every single situation so I over-analyze every single decision; going back and forth between what is the best one when really, I benefit in either circumstance.

These choices and habits are not serving me anymore, and my yoga practice tonight was dedicated to the feeling of abundance, and knowing that whatever happens, I have enough even if I have nothing.

I know that I am taken care of, I know the other Universe has my back, I know that I will get just what I need in just the right time and I needn’t worry about anything. Everything will come to me in their perfect timing so there is no need for me to feel stressed and rushed with anything. I feel so much calmer this way. To be able to trust in the world, to trust in myself is a wonderful, powerful force.

Let’s turn FOMO into JOMO. Joy of missing out. ๐Ÿ™‚

How about you? Do you struggle with this fear of scarcity? What habits or beliefs you want to kick to the curb?