My Tarot Card Reading

Here’s my Tarot Card reading…have you ever done one?

My penpal sent me this tiny little portable Tarot card deck! I’ve always been curious as to how to read tarot cards, oracle cards, tea leaves (yes, this is a thing?!), and astrology. It’s been a source of creativity for me to interpret and tap into my deeper intuition.

Even if they’re not accurate. Let’s be honest–none of us actually read our horoscopes and 100% believe everything it says, right?

tiny tarot deck

Here’s where you can get them too; my generous penpal sent them to me! What are intuitive friends for but to send eachother tarot card?! Haha.

So after some noodling around, here’s apparently what the stars tell me…(mind you I’m not expert at interpreting these; I was just dabbling in some creativity! ^^). I did some basic research after each of these cards to get a sense of what they meant. Text in red are my reactions/intuitive, immediate thoughts…—>

My Tarot Cards:

9 of wands tarot

The 9 of wands: Need some rest. When in the fight mode, there may be reluctance to ask for help  because they may lose against his/her enemies. The ego is in the way. Advice: stop avoiding the loved ones who wants to save and help you! Accept assistance. <—asking for help from a coach or mentor…

the sun tarot

The Sun: A sign of safety and health. Be confident in what you do! <—time for me to step into my highest self and speak my authentic truth.

kind of swords tarot

King of Swords: Traditionally representing the energy of the king. This energy form is an adjudicator (the wise judge or mediator). He helps others if there’s a conflict and could guide the societies to see their greater good. Advice: listen to the inner wisdom offered by the wise elder that dwell inside you. <—wow, this is so like the life coach inside of me!

the world tarot

The World: In charge of wisdom; an omniscient, all-knowingness. We are all connected; we all have cosmic citizenship. Advice: be peaceful in the way you are achieving to your goal. <—look at the overall, holistic picture when approaching tasks.

judgement tarot

Judgment: DUN DUN DUN the second I saw this card…and then I did some research and sighed relief. —> 

Freedom from inner conflict. Talent gifts of past incarnation can come in this time. Advice: Let go of your past. The future welcomes you with a bounty of growth and change. <—blossoming now as a heroine, not a victim. I was never a victim to begin with; I was blessed with a gift that I thought was a curse!



What’s my fate?

Looks like it’s a time of new beginnings and shedding the old–and I’ll have to ask for help in doing so. It’s time to step into the new change by stepping into my highest, authentic self. Acting differently–acting with the light I was born to shine with. I’ve been thinking about wearing some of the precious clothing that I never wear because a) I didn’t want to dirty them and b) I just love lounging in comfy clothing too much. Through the loss of jobs, the leaving of program that broke my heart, and changing of paths, I’m setting down my foot towards a forest without a map. But I know my destination, and that’s enough. That’s more than enough.

This is all so true in my life right now. School is here, I’m in a new state, new program, new endeavors and growing as an artist in a different way than I thought possible. I have invested in a coach, in dance classes, and a mastermind group on the law of attraction. These are things I never would’ve done because I didn’t think I deserved it. I am above the things I’ve left because I’ve outgrown their potential to help me grow. And now I’m onto the next. Sometimes I was forced; the universe had something happen to me so that I had to take the next step I never would’ve taken on my own.

I am not settling. I am not just surviving. I am thriving.

Have you ever done Tarot decks before? Do you believe in astrology? Horoscopes? Do you have a spiritual practice?