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No coherent sentence.

Really really sowwie.




Me knows you understands.


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Hello m'fitties! I woke up in a great mindset today. That's not always the case because I have plenty to worse about, but the more emphasis I put in already being enough despite not feeling like I've accomplished what I wanted to, the more energized and confident I feel in my abilities to execute my day, and show up as my highest self. I get excited about the nonsensical, small, precious stuff. Like how satisfying a downward dog feels. Or how perfectly I landed on one foot, awkwardly, tripping over a rock. And how i laugh at myself when my butt hurts from sitting on a uncomfortable bike seat. This will all be memories to look back and giggle at. Let yourself feel happy today. Allow yourself that pleasure. . .

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Wonderful things are coming. Are you prepared? ☆☆☆ I know how weary your heart is. I know. I've been there. I've felt the worn shoes you wear, I still wear them sometimes. I feel the adversity and the self sabotage; the addiction to the cycle, questioning myself again and again why I end up doing this to myself. Why I can't stop. Why I'm crying and still hurting myself right this moment ad I think these thoughts and continue to hurt myself. To disrespect myself. Shut away the inner light I know I possess…but just can't seem to find the strength to let out. But I have a message for you, my love. Wonderful things are coming. There's no force that can stop it from blossoming. From hitting you so damn hard, so straight to the heart that its force electrifies your soul. And I promise, promise, promise that you will shine, shine, shine. Shine like the brightest star you've ever known, and that no amount of drugs, food, relationships, hard work, outside validation, trophies, or money or any materialistic thing can ever fill that wound as much as this light will. You and i–we are cradled by this universal energy. I'm here to tell you that it's coming. 🎇✨🙏

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