Birthday Beats.

April 28th was my 21st birthday! 😀


Well, I want to travel but I’m having some trouble with my Canadian documentations, so that limits me to traveling only within the country. I’ve been looking at Montreal and Kingston and Ottawa to visit instead. I get pretty stir-crazy with long road trips and would prefer to take the plane, but who am I kidding? I don’t have the $$$$$, and I suppose I could use the 8-hour road trip to do some youtube video editing. When you’re an entrepreneur, there’s never no work that you can do. You can always find something!

I wonder what’s better, rideshare or just booking a megabus? The former is slightly cheaper but the latter has wifi and is a little more trustworthy and safe, I feel.

So now that my birthday’s passed and I’ve taken up on this new full time job (wish me luck! It’s out of my comfort zone in terms of the hours required but I needed a change) that requires 40 hours a week, I don’t have the luxury of traveling for a week until I purposefully book off a week sometime in the summer (I’m thinking July or June). My siblings and dad are heading back to china for 3 weeks in august, which means an opportunity to bond with mom during those three weeks so I want to save those for just the two of us. ^^

So how did I celebrate instead?

Annnnnnddddd CUE PHOTO DUMP:

yorkdale home decor rw & co

I went to ikea.

selfie happy smiling

Just kidding–I went to a mall to window shop and stumbled upon a furniture store (the lobby was dressed up like a fine dining restaurant!) and fell in love with everything.

selfie happy smiling

The bed was so soft. AH. Cuddlez.

yorkdale home decor rw & co

I love interior design. In fact, if house-window-shopping was a hobby(and why not?!) I would be doing it all the time. Hook me up with a real estate person, would ya?


yorkdale home decor rw & co furniture

yorkdale home decor rw & co furniture

I went downtown to browse cutesy one-off shops here and there with a few friends, and visited Kensington market with mom. No kidding when I say part of my birthday present from my parents was Pi dan, aka century eggs.

If you don’t know what that is, check out this video:

Creamiest egg ever. I love it.

and salmon. Like, a whole salmon. I chopped it into regular portions and froze it. #mealprep.

I got the chance to see my very first opera! I stayed for half the show:

elgin winter garden theatre

The venue was great and I was enchanted by the service and smiles of the ushers. They were SO. WARM. They took care of you.

There was this cafe that linked to a downstairs art gallery which was pretty dope!

art gallery


my room arts and crafts

I did some arts and crafts–responding to my pen pals!

hoops bunless burger

Of course there was food.

davids tea chilling out

Of course there was sitting down and chilling out–catching up over conversation! School’s been keeping us apart for a while and we don’t go to the same university.

cute ring

How cute!

wall paper artsy

This coffee shop was really great. On Bloor street west.

wall paper artsy

My new wall paper. <3

pistachio latte coffe aroma espresso

Pistachio latte for him. Decaf almond milk latte for me.

day in the life aroma espresso latte

essential oils

I. Love. Essenial oils. Especially diffused before bed.

essential oils

I saw some new faces and fell in love with Jasmine.

tnt chinese fast food

Chinese takeout is so overdone but still really popular and tastes good.

I’m not done splurging on myself yet and will book a spa date (massage or facial or pedicure, perhaps?), and maybe a 1 day air b n b downtown in a beautiful place with preferably a swing and gym.

Any suggestions? 🙂 When is YOUR birthday? What did you do on your 21st birthday? Are you the type to host parties?