February Fitness + University Life


Hello m’fitties! These next few weeks are going to be hectic since rehearsals are starting soon. I have them weekdays forom 6-10pm and saturdays from 10-6pm and days leading up to them will be 10am-10pm days; on top of that I’ll have my regular classes monday-friday. Posts may be short up until then, so bear with me a little while!

My physical practice has included about 25 minutes of yoga 4 times a week right before bed and 5 minutes of meditation 4 times a week. I actually found myself to feel a lot more calm and even happier(I think? Could it just be placebo? Whatever it is, I buy it!) these days; I find myself operating less on autopilot throughout the day.
I still deal with a lot of anxiety when it comes to getting homework done, acting, presentations,and movement classes because I feel like I need to do something big or have an “Eureka!” moment to “be productive”. I discovered that I need to chill the hell out and humble up because I’m not appreciate the efforts I put into the work; and that worry is such an energy and joy-sucker. I am working hard even if I’m just sitting out in class; I cannot tell you how guilty I feel for not engaging in the work like my classmates.
I got into acting for a reason–I have to remember that I LOVE it and I shouldn’t dread it by putting so much expectation on myself! I AM growing. I have to trust the process and that progress is not always linear.
I had a coaching session with a life coach recently and our next follow up appointment is Feb 18. We are working on social connections so that I feel more whole and socially connected with my peers and really create meaningful relationships. I’m so used to feeling rejected and lonely and different; it hurts. I’ve made it a goal for myself to compliment one person a day every day for the month of February.
Going into rehearsals this month for our upcoming show is going to be tough, so I need to implement extra self-care. Cardio and muscular endurance is not my priority but rather mental resilience and social engagement will be. I also blog adn youtube, so I want to be able to keep up with that.
I wan to continue to run at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes in the morning to refresh and invigorate myself, and have 2 sessions of strength training for about 15 minutes a week, but I won’t demand more of myself this month.
I can’t wait for reading week–I’m meeting a friend who is also ambitious about social media and blogging to discuss branding strategies and develop a plan for both of us to create successful business!

Practicing minimalism, I cleaned up (with the help of a friend!) clutter in my room and it literally feels like I can breathe a little easier after throwing out so much junk. I need to vaccum my bed the next time I get a chance to borrow mom’s mini vaccum, and I refuse to purchase more tea since I have SO MUCH it’s driving me nuts. I need to finish what I have instead of hoarding everything simply because of the fear of missing out.

I also want to sleep by 11PM–the 6-10 rehearsals are going to kill me.


How are you going to spend your (romantic) Valentine’s Day? If you’re single, do you do something special too? If you’re a student, have you got midterms?