Supplements I’m Taking + Current Fitness and Diet

The Christmas vlog is finally up! Check out my Christmas unboxing:

What did you get for Christmas?
Yes, yes, I realize it’s late; I had to find time to edit the vlog, which is very long and fix the laptop. Without the laptop in my hands for a few days, I couldn’t edit anything.
Today I want to share my current fitness and food regime; it’s changed slightly from December.

Dancing: Learn a new dance routine once a week on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights. I don’t have any other time of the week to do so, and I’ve been dabbling in a few hip hop videos here and there. A friend and I are thinking about trying out Ballroom dancing, but so far I haven’t found any satisfactory videos on youtube.

Oh! Speaking of dancing, does anyone watch So You Think You Can Dance?

God, I love that show. Each year I am blown away by the talent people have.


Running: With the snow outside, sometimes it was difficult, so I instead jogged on the spot inside my room (not the same, it felt kinda lame). To make things a little more interesting I watched shows (yes, a TV SHOW NOT A MOVIE) like Drop Dead Diva! It’s hilarious! I’m not onto season two and I sure hope it’s as good as season one. It’s funny watching the actors change their looks; their hair, their personality, their face, their makeup…I don’t know how to feel about Jane’s new confident persona!

Oh, I normally don’t watch TV shows because they go on and on and when I’ve made a commitment..I’ve made a COMMITMENT. And I don’t have the time to be in this on-and-off relationship with school and my business.  So this is the first time I’m risking it.



I’ve only ever had 1 other relationship in my life, and it wasn’t a serious one, even though I wanted it to be.


HIIT 1 time a week: Bringing it back to basics! I remember in grade 12 or even before then, I used t smash out 3 HIIT sessions a week. I’m honouring my new priorities in tapering down (inspired by my summer reverse exercise series), hopefully I can get in some newbie gains when I reset my body’s fitness standard. I have so many other things to focus on, such as rehearsals, research, and dance, which can act as a form of exercise itself but I think it’s not as intense and don’t count it as fitness but rather something fun to do 🙂

Higher protein day – Ya’ll know I eat keto-paleo friendly. Opting to add 15g more protein this day of the week. Usually this happens on Tuesdays and I have an extra serving of pork of fish, whatever I feel like that day. This will come with a decrease in fats.

Taking Vitamin K2 with D3I recently read somewhere that K2 helps with the delivery of D3, so I’ll be taking 90mcg of the former, 5000IU of the latter along with a source of fats in my first meal of the day. These two vitamins are fat-soluble, so to absorb them you have to eat it with fats. Oh, did I mention that Vitamin D is crucial for depression and any low moods? Especially in the winter, it’s important that you get in extra since you don’t get it from the sun (with the days being shorter and nights longer).


Taking Magnesium: I have been so lazy with this lately. As I’m writing this I’m a little bit backed up in the intestines(#IfYaKnowWhatIMean) and I know magnesium has so many benefits when it comes to proper functioning of the body, including relaxation of the muscles and gut, so I’ll be taking 400mg a day before bed.


I’ve seriously been loving fish and seafood a lot lately! I’ve been on a huge kick. This week a portioned out all my salmon bellies and stored them in the freezer for easy taking-out-and-cooking. #mealprep at its finest.


Yoga – I’ve been making it a point to stretch for 25 minutes at least 4 times a week–I’ve mentioned this in my previous January 2-18 goals. This year, I want to kickstand into a handstand with both legs at a time. So far, I can kick into handstand starting with 1 leg already in the air.



Do you take any supplements, and if so, what for?