January 2018 Goals!

The other day, I watched the Tony Robbins documentary called “I am Not Your Guru” and cried. I got so emotional and felt so empowered and re-inspired. Hearing him talk and watching how innovative, compassionate and active his team members are at the event was in making this all happen; making sure that everyone who attended felt included and special, was truly moving. They went the extra mile. They wanted to go the extra mile. His team’s work ethic is truly admirable.

I remember jogging on the spot (as I was in my room while watching the documentary since it was too snowy to run outside) and thinking, “I belong there”.

I belong at his conference. I WILL see tony in person one day and I WILL be changed. I refuse to remain mediocre.


This year more than ever, I want to create a better relationship with time, with myself, and with family and friends. That in itself is a very broad and abstract resolution. I mean, how do I know I’ve made progress with something I can’t literally measure?

So I’ve broken my goal down month by month by doing actions that reflect my goal. Whether or not I “achieve” something is irrelevant; if I put in the work, I put in the work. I’ve achieved at being proactive.


For January, I want to work on the following:

  • Conscious breathing. Practice humility for the life I have. Breathe into lower belly; as I tend to have shallow breathes that live in the upper body. Breathing lower will help me with impulse and feel grounded. I’m willing to try some guided meditations.
  • Tennis/Massage ball! My dad always said, “Who do you think you are, a princess?” (I don’t have a very good relationship with my parents) every time I ask to use our insurance to book a massage appointment. I know how important it is to receive physical touch emotionally, but also physically for our bodies to be treated well. Kicking out the knots, kneading the fascia and melting away the tension is as important as physically exercising to build a strong cardiovascular and muscular system. So I plan on massaging myself using a tennis ball on my back and underneath my feet to hit the tender spots. I’ll do this at least 3 times a week while I’m reading or on my laptop.
  • Read! There are a variety of books I want to read:
    • Keto (Scientific book)
    • Expectation Hangover (self-development)
    • Harry Potter (for FUNSIES! Besides, I’ve never read a single word and everyone says I’m missing out…)
    • …and so many more. My mind says to read and finish the scientific book for knowledge before moving on but sometimes I feel rebellious, and want to reach for a goof fictive book. I’m conflicted. Does my healthy animal say Harry Potter? I know better than to start many books at once and never finish one…
  • Do a maximum of 1 social event per day. Planning to max out the day with as many events as possible stresses me out; I hate FOMO but I plan out my schedule hour to hour and I need time to recharge in between transitions and to also eat in peace. It’s okay if I can’t attend all the events I want to attend; it’s a blessing to just even attend one. Pick one; any one and just go. And don’t look back.

  • Get out of the house at least once a day. When I stay indoors too long, I feel sleepy and start to go mentally a little crazy.
  • Yoga 4 times a week. I can’t run outside with the unpredictable snowy weather (I hope winter is here to stay though! I love it!) but I can still stretch and I want to keep my flexibility.

  • Meditate 5 minutes a day, 4 times a week. I’ve been trying Headspace. Have you heard of it? Are you subscribed? Otherwise, I’ll resort to other guided meditations.
  • Abuse the HECK outta my Netflix while I still have the free trial!
  • Sleep by 10:30 or 10:45pm.
  • Nap when I need to. Don’t fight the impulse. Don’t justify it.

Other notes:

I also want more hugs from my friends and classmates, but I don’t know how to ask.

I also like reassurance that I’m doing the right thing, that I’m okay, that I’m right where I need to be, that this state that I’m in is perfect as it is.

Expect less. Expectations burn up a large amount of mental resources that I could better off use to actually complete work instead of anticipating it. Plus, I wouldn’t have so much anxiety or dread from the anticipation of the task.

For my dance assignment, I’m practicing certain hip hop moves twice a week for a little bit, like 10 minutes or so to keep my spine supple and gaining body coordination (I feel really uncoordinated sometimes and lose my balance). The point of the exercise is to explore a different form of body-text and gain a kinesthetic awareness! I’ve always loved dance and I’d train professionally if I ever had the chance to, so I’m happy with this assignment. The thing is, to study acting (which is my major) is to work on your life. Your own human life. Do something you’ve never done before, love more deeply, cry out loud, etc etc. Become enlightened, in a way!

I’ve scheduled a meeting with a friend who’s into hip hop dance this week so she can tech me a sequence,  I’ve learned 2 simple, short choreographies from youtube and now I’m just adding more to the repertoire. Wish me luck!

Do you break down goals by the month and or week? Should I film my dance choreography and show you? What’s one thing you need to get done this week? What’s your 2018 MANTRA?