10 Gift Ideas For the Yogi!

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Namaste, fitties.

It’s been a while since my last yoga photoshoot. I haven’t been taking a lot of them ever since the days started getting shorter and the nights longer because photo quality is better in natural light. With the house all to myself sometime next week, I’ll have the freedom to shoot a quick workout, perhaps. My parents and siblings are all headed to Cuba for a week.

The whole house is mine.



selfie post workout

I haven’t been going to the gym as often as I had in the summer as part of my reverse exercise series, but last week I did manage to get in a good arm workout. It was lit! My arms were shaking–shaking my friends, after that session. More rest = stronger workouts at the gym! My session consisted of chest presses, barbel curls, tricep extensions, and I ended with a burnout session of plank on a medicine ball.

Hardest. 30. seconds. of. my. life.

Do you guys do secret Santa? Last year, my classmates drew names out of a hat for secret Santa and as tradition we did it again this year.

What did I get? Who did I get? Checkout the video above!

I was touched by a stranger that approached me with a cake pop for watching his stuff as he used the washroom. He was sitting behind and me tapped my shoulder as I was on my laptop reading class notes.


It was a birthday cake pop! They cost $2.25 per cake pop and you finish them in literally 2 bites. Gosh, I remember the time when they were just $1.50, and even that is pricey. Anyway, instead of eating it myself, I saved it for my little brother who had his birthday on the 12th of December. He loved it! He’s turning 8. He grows so fast, my goodness. I just know he and his sister will be taller than me.

birthday cake pop starbucks

Any whoozies, I think it’s enough time I’ve stalled. Onto the presents! These are items I would recommend getting the yogi–advanced, intermediate, or beginner.

1. Manduka PRO yoga mat


manduka pro mat black

Who can do yoga without a mat?! I personally own one and they have a lifetime garauntee. They have a sturdy grip.


2. Fitbit Surge

fitbit surge

I’ve had mine for a few years now, and the reason why I love the surge is because it has GPS and heart rate. Now the heart rate monitor isn’t 100% accurate but it gives a general idea if you’re doing the same movement (i.e. running, standing, walking, cycling, nothing where you’re drastically changing your pace all the time) and plus having it on your wrist keeps you reminded to stay active throughout the day! I use the GPS for running and it connects with the app, which then you can see your route and log online. You can track your yoga routine (there’s an option for that under “exercise” in the watch) with it and change up the music/video with the press of a button.

The great thing is, it’s ONLY $160! God, I remember when I first bought mine for $360. This is a steal.


3. Treadmill Desk

treadmill desk

So the yogi gets stiff sitting all day at their job…get them walking while banging out some work! Honestly, this is just a great overall addition to any office or home.


4. Yoga Blocks

yoga blocks

For stability and support in any and every pose. A beginner could use them to modify poses that require balance so their fingers/toes can touch the block instead of the ground, and an advanced yogi can use it to challenge their balance by standing on it, or lengthen and stretch even further.


5. Yoga Socks

yoga socks

Let’s be honest–if you have a good yoga mat it should be slip-resistant, but over time mats wear down and sometimes you don’t have a sturdy anti-slip mat. That’s why Yoga socks work well. They have little grips at the bottom and they won’t disturb your practice!


6. A Yoga Journal

blurb yoga journal

Yogis are often self-reflective people. The way you approach your practice on your mat often reflects your attitude in life. Journaling before and after a yoga practice–or logging in a yoga practice is really meditative.


7. Erin Condren Planner

erin condren planner

Another way to keep track of your practice is through a planner, if journals aren’t your thing! And with one as pretty as this–how can you resist?! I personally own one myself, and if you click the link above you get $10 off your first order 🙂


8. A Book that Takes its Time

a book that takes its time

A book that truly fosters creativity and mindfulness…oh happy days! I was browsing Chapters Indigo the other day and came across this book. If yoga isn’t all about being mindful, then what is?


9. Ohm Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl

Ohm Store Tibetan Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl Set


Nothing like that resonating sound echoing off the walls to initiate or end a practice…


10. Yoga Bolster

yoga bolster

Your yoga mat is a bed.

And your bed needs pillows.

A bolster is a pillow.

End of story.



**Before I forget, here are 4 tips/ways to Zen out!

What item do you like most on this list? Will you be having a white Christmas this year? What’s on your Christmas wishlist? Do you practice yoga?