HE. THREW. OUT. MY. FOOD. + $50 Swanson Giveaway



…and the story doesn’t end there. Oh no no no…

Why would you do this.



Not that I’m in college or in a dorm; I rent out the basement room in a townhouse near school, most of us are students but this guy is 30+ and still lives here.

On a brighter note, take out your baking trays and get ready to whip up something healthy because there are always a way to make your regular, sugar-laden cheesecake into something better for your body.

Sometimes, you still want the taste of something sinful, but there are so much healthier options to opt for. For example, have you tried my 2 ingredient ice cream, 5 ingredient cheesecake, or homemade cookie butter? Heck, you can use this EVERYTHING BATTER to make anything from waffles, lasagna noodles, Honest to god, there are so many recipes you can try and they’re all low carb, paleo-friendly. Some of them are vegan too, like this 0 CALORIE pudding.

make your own cookie butter

I also shop online for a lot of the ingredients I use, since very rarely can I find the ingredients I want in a regular store (I’d have to check with a health store and sometimes I can find cheaper prices online).

Most of the time, I keep my meals realllllll simple: a source of protein, some fats, and veggies. Bam, done. But with the upcoming holidays, sometimes, I’ll want to entertain, so my meals may look a little bland; that can be a little tricky; that’s why I use special baking ingredients and other flavourings to mimic flavours of traditional sweets but without the junky stuff. I use sugar substitutes to keep the sweet taste, for example, and unsweetned cacao to add a chocolate-y flavor.


My favourite site for shopping for supplements and FOOD is Swanson Vitamins! They have the cheapest prices I’ve seen and the widest variety. I’ve shopped from them before and they have the nicest customer service too, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

A company with integrity. ^-^ 🙂 If you click through my link you (and I!) get $10 off!

What I love about Swanson is that they offer fair, if not, good prices on their items and it’s the only online store besides amazon that I would consistently purchase supplements and food from. Other sites I’ve visited are way too pricey or don’t have the items I’m looking for. They have free shipping over $50 most of the time, and if you’re in Canada, a flat rate of $10.

What I got last time:

Tis the season–it’s time for another giveaway, yes? Can I get a hip hip, horray?

Swanson was generous enough to offer 1 lucky winner a $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE! All you have to do is make sure you’re subscribed to the blog via the side bar ———>

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Do you have a neighbor that drives you crazy? Have you ever been EGGED?! What do you do with the egg yolks? How often do you purchase things online? What did you get for Black Friday/Cyber Monday? What’s your guilty junk food pleasure, and have you made a healthified version?