Why You’re Worth It

Hello m’fitties!

Today I want to talk to you about something on my mind. So often we deny ourselves pleasure just because we feel we don’t deserve it–like we haven’t worked hard enough yet, or we didn’t complete the task 100%. But we deny the fact that we may have completed it 90%, or heck, just even DID the task whether it went well or not. Or heck, why do you need justification to treat yourself? Life is hard enough as it is; giving yourself pleasure is so worth it. You’re worth it.

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I know I’m totally guilty of this–the other day I found myself browsing through theatre to see, things to do in my city and realized just how long I longed to do something spontaneous like this–I actually craved getting out of my usual routine which I find pleasure in (and generally goes like this: wake up, exercise, go to class, do homework, go to work, sleep. Repeat)!


There are many things we deny ourselves, sometimes to our own detriment. You are WORTH the extra effort, m’fitties.


To get healthy.

To exercise.

To rest.

To cut yourself some slack.

To kick yourself in the ass.

To do what’s hard at the moment (gratitude long term)

To forgive others–and forgive yourself.

To splurge $$$.



Sometimes it’s painful to do at the moment–I get it. Like meal prepping for the week–who has time for that? But ultimately, it serves us–it serves you. You no longer find yourself complaining that you’re broke because you keep spending money eating out, you’re dropping weight since you’re opting for healthier options, and you’re not bingeing anymore because you’re so hungry at night from not having food during the day. The same goes for exercise and homework.

Ask yourself, what would the future me say to the present me that’s making this decision?

You need this. I need this.

My iPod isn’t working properly anymore–the battery runs out in a matter of minutes if I don’t have it plugged in and almost every app crashes. I used to use it daily on my runs to listen to podcasts. My, me and my running shoes feel quite lonely without the third party. So guess what? This boxing day I’m going to purchase a new, brand-spanking iPod! I’ll even purchase an extra year of warranty because knowing me, every electronic I get my hands on somehow manages to malfunction way before its retirement age. I also can’t wait to max out my credit card on black friday 😉 I’m looking at a few incenses and TEA LIKE THIS SLEEPYTIME ONE AHHH ASDFJGJKJFKDLSAJFDAKJSLFJK;LJ I LOVE TEA and cacao beans. I also get SAD during the winter, so maybe a lightbox too! It prevents overeating, addiction, anxiety, and depression/low moods. Particularly for me, it could prevent a relapse.

Investing in myself is investing in my self-worth. It goes to show how much I value myself. Also, the best way for anyone to boost their self-value and invest in themselves is to get a coach (Forbes even mentions why in this day and age, it’s important to hire a coach!) After all, money is meant to be spent and there should be no shame in materialism.

Not all people who are materialistic are selfish, or shallow.

If you’re having a hard time deciding how or what to treat yourself with, Make a pleasure list!

Of all the things that bring you joy, and do one thing a day. Some of them can be simple. For example, mine include:

1. Fresh warm laundry out of the dryer

2. Sipping a new tea

3. Long walks/runs in the fall

4. A 10 second long embrace.


?Little things matter, and built up over time, create a mountain effect for your happiness settling point.

?Also, it creates little power boosts for energy and mood throughout the day!

What is one thing that brings you pleasure? What’s one thing you’ve been denying yourself? What’s one nagging thought that you can’t shake off?