When Is The Best Time Of Day To Exercise?

Hello m’fitties!

A common question I get working with clients either for personal training or lifestyle coaching is, “When should I exercise if I want to lose weight? When should I exercise to optimize athletic performance?”

Well, you’re in luck because I made a video answering this question!

The truth is, there are benefits to exercising at ANY time during the day. I personally exercise first thing in the morning to set the tone for the day, be more productive and get it out of the way. Working out in the evening allows you to end the day with some stress relief and you’d already be warmed up from your daily activities as opposed to doing so first thing in the morning where your muscles are still asleep. Working out in the afternoon is a wonderful way to fit in a break during your work schedule so you can come back refreshed.

Speaking of working out midday, it’s great to incorporate short workout bursts every hour or so to stimulate your circulatory system and rejuvenate your mental energy. Do some of my 5-10 minute workouts! ^^

And hey, I guess it never hurts to get a treadmill desk. 😉


What time do you usually workout? Has my video changed your thoughts? DO YOU HAVE A TREADMILL DESK?!