Reverse Exercising

Hey ho!

Welcome to the reverse exercise series! Maybe you’re not new to the idea since you’re subscribed to my youtube (in which case you are my true hero).

Tapering down to adjust to a new school schedule this fall 2017. See how I’m doing it to minimize the damage and optimize performance!

Reverse exercising may sound counter-intuitive, and this isn’t the first time I’ve tapered down for a specific cause as you can see:

My whole objective is to mentally and physically prep myself for the start of school, when I’ll have less time for exercise (or anything, for that matter!). I don’t want to go cold turkey from being super active, hitting the gym 2 hours a day to like, 0 (okay a bit of an exaggeration; I don’t spend that long at the gym but you get the point–summer I have more time to workout). 0 to hero is never a good idea–it’s not sustainable and you’ll drive yourself crazy!

Think of it like how a bikini competitor reverse-exercises and reverse diets(slowly increasing macros/calories while minimizing fat gain) post-competition. It’s done strategically and mindfully.

I don’t want to go crazy mentally being out of touch with my routine and I don’t want my body physically to reject this new schedule, so here’s what I’m working on:

  • waking up earlier (6:30am perferably but I’m not setting an alarm yet)
  • sleeping earlier (preferably before 10pm!)
  • exercising less (taper down to 45 minute workouts from my usual 45-90 min+ over the summer)
  • incorporate more stretching

I’m a huge creature of habit so little changes that may seem like nothing to someone else are a huge deal for me, For example, waking up at 7am is not something I’m use to anymore(ideally I’d wake around 9 these summer days)! So I get anxious because the situation is new, and I don’t know how to feel about it. I have this scheme of what a perfect day looks like for me, and to foster a new kind of change is a bit overwhelming at first. That’s why I;m giving myself 31 days of August to implement small changes and adjust to it all. I’m a wonderfully, highly sensitive person. ^^”

“New does NOT equal bad.

New is just new.

New is neutral.

I can condition this “new” to be positive!”


 Do you have trouble adjusting to change? Have you ever reverse dieted or exercised before? Or tapered down for a race?