13 Reasons Why You’re Binging

For those of m’fitties following for a while, you all know my struggle with Binge Eating. Like many addictions, it comes and comes in cycles, but now the periods between the bad days prevail–and that’s the thing with all addictions: it’s an ongoing process where you consciously choose to engage or disengage in the behavior. Every day you have a choice.13 reasons why you're binging

There are many things that trigger myself to go into binge response (a bad night’s sleep, a break up, a negative comment, feeling blue for no reason, etc), all of which I’ve successfully, 90% turned out to engage in healthier outlets other than eating.


Now, ever seen that show 13 reasons why? I think it was wonderfully and engagingly filmed and acted out, but I thought the story line was so so so so solemn and pessimistic; it left me feeling empty and unsatisfied at the end and I thought if they made it more optimistic the series would’ve been a true heart-winner. I’ve put together 13 reasons why you binge, hopefully it’ll spread some insight to m’fitties out there who share the struggle!

  1. You’re low on dopamine. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter in the brain activating the reward system. It plays a huge role in your drive, motivation, and interest. Things that stimulate dopamine include food, novelty, and attractiveness. I found myself wanting to experience stimulation in a place where I felt emotionally grey and dead, so I turned to food for that sense of reward.
  2. You’ve made it a habit. Somehow, one way or another, you’ve adopted this maladaptive behavior and your brain’s neurocircuitry is wired to take you to binging. Habits are easy, habits are automatic, and neurons that fire together, wire together. You’ve created a pattern that your brain is now comfortable with, and doesn’t want to change.yoga show indian food
  3. Lack of nutrients. Your body is craving specific nutrients and you’re trying to find them in food. For example, being low in magnesium could lead you to crave a chocolate bar.
  4. You’re bored. Let’s be real: when we have nothing to do, we like to eat, watch tv, etc. This ties in closely with the lack of dopamine. When you’re bored, you’re seeking out stimulation, and food tends to be that stimulation.
  5. You’re lonely. I’ve written in the past how I struggle with loneliness: even constantly asking myself, “what’s wrong with me?” when the truth is–nothing. It’s okay to feel lonely–ironically, you are not alone because we all feel lonely sometimes. Food turned to be a comrade in a time of need; but it also doesn’t fill the emotional void we are seeking for true human interaction.to be that friend
  6. You’re hurt. Ever feel angry enough at someone that you could just bite their head off? Research as proven that when we’re angry, we reach for crunchy foods. Chips, nuts, cheetos, anyone?
  7. You’re a perfectionist that “screwed up” — ever went on a diet, ate something not in line with the diet, and then decided that you’re going to keep screwing up the rest of the day and restart tomorrow? That’s quite a loophole! There’s no need to compound the negative eating all within a day–after all, weight loss is a journey and it’s not about being perfect 100% of the time! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen victim to this loophole. though! FORGET ABOUT THIS DIET PERFECTIONISM! Perfectionism will set you up for binges.food anxiety
  8. You’re surrounded by a toxic environment. Social circles, a pantry full of junk food, and grandmas that constantly feed you (I gotta hand it to her, she’s a lovely cook, though) are just setting you up for failure! I won’t even mention that MacDonald’s is on every corner. Oh wait–Oops I just did. Place yourself in an environment you will thrive in. Out of sight, out of mind. Break off connections with people who don’t support your recovery from binge eating.
  9. You’re overly hungry! Ever go shopping when you’re starving? Bad idea, right? Not only do you end up with more things in your cart than necessary but also you can’t help but stop by the candy aisle for some “samples”….myself eating
  10. You’re rushing/eating too fast. This is a huge one for me; especially when I binge, it’s all about the fast and furious. This is also an issue when I realize that I’m going to be late for class. I’ve learned that it’s best to either grab something non-messy and eat that, or eat earlier so that i’m not rushing out the door having barely chewed my food. I actually got a stomachache from eating so much and so fast that the next few hours it wasn’t digesting properly and I felt tired the rest of the day. It takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to register fullness, so I would advise eating your meals for that length of period and then decide if you want seconds. Most of the time, you don’t. Oh, and also? Sit. The. Eff. Down.How Yogis Multitask
  11. You’re scared of showing your body. Okay, this one just got real deep, yo. It might be that you fear showing your body from some childhood trauma, perhaps sexual, physical, or verbal abuse. And so you remedy yourself with food emotionally, but also physically because subconsciously, you don’t want others to find you attractive. Secretly somehow, self-sabotage keeps you safe.
  12. Your family encourages it. I don’t know about you, but in Chinese culture, we show love by SHOWERING you with food. Zong zi, dim sum, deepfried-everythings and sticky rice are what they would offer, for example, and they’d encourage you to eat. I know a lot of times you feel pressured to participate and “accept” their love by eating what they give you, but ultimately that is not respecting you, your health, and your body. Can’t we all show love in other ways? For me, I would love to have you say the words, “I love you. I care about you.” than eat their present. I get it–in some cultures we hold a lot of pride and it’s scary to be vulnerable like that–but there are so many other way we can express love. This is a hard one to battle because often you don’t want to hurt their feelings and have them be offended. Then you would feel all defensive and guilty. I would plainly try saying to them,  “I would eat this later but right now I’d rather spend my full attention on you.”Sushi in China
  13. No reason. Brace yourselves, because this one is about to get real spiritual. And simple. You can binge, and not know why. Why do we choose to put on our left shoes before the right? Why do we choose to wear black instead of grey today? Life can be arbitrary, and that is okay. Must we have to understand and have to justify everything that  happens? Sometimes, it’s best to let it be and not analyze.

Binge eating is one of the worst demons I’ve ever had to face, and i’ll be honest–I still face it even today. I am much stronger than before and I’ve stopped the binging from ruling my life because I’ve learned to have control over it, than have it control me. I specialize in diet coaching (yes, I’m certified! :D), freeing women and young girls from the diet crazies–wouldn’t that be nice for a change to not have to life in fear of food and social settings, and start thriving in life? No, you don’t have to become “fat”, or “give up your goals”, I believe you shouldn’t have to compromise anything you want in life just because certain situations hold you back. With a little help, you can have everything you desire–never feel that you must limit yourself.

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Which of these reasons did you resonate with the most & how do you deal with it?

How do you deal with picky eaters in your life?

What did you think of 13 Reasons why?

What other TV shows have you been following?