Monday is push day for me.

This usually means I do a hard workout session which involves some HIIT followed by a long run. GOSH, I FEEL SO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR DOING INSANITY FOLLOWED BY AN HOUR RUN! Something about the combo of pylometric moves followed by cardio to flush it out gets me every time. I love it. ?You should have a push day too!

push day determined face


A push day is where you do a workout you’re scared of, you dread, one that challenges you.

Why? Why on earth would you do that?

✔Mentally prove to yourself you’re strong

✔You burn more calories!

✔You work the hardest you’ve done all week so you get the most gains

✔You feel like a bad ass the rest of the day ☝

And here’s why you SHOULD push yourself in a workout:

Honestly, there’s no excuse not to have a push day because it literally occurs ONE DAY OUT OF SEVEN! You can do it!❤ ?

Here’s some of my past push days, one Monday out of every week. Even on rainy days I can’t go outside to run, I opt for something else indoors, like some random dancing (the happy workout) . 🙂

And honestly, I’ve noticed changes in my physique and also my mental toughness too. When you challenge yourself this way, your self-efficacy increases and you become so much more confident in everything you do.

What will you do on push day? Which day of the week will it be? Let me know in the comments below! Tag #thefittyPUSHday on instagram and tag @thefitty so I can see it and support ya’ll 😉