After like…6 long years of waiting…I’ve been wanting this ever since I was 14.

As you know, I’m super passionate about my work as a Lifestyle/Health coach (which I got certified for this year! I’m taking on client right now and offer a free initial consultation if you mention secret passcode “thefitty in your email as a thank you for reading this blog :)) and now, Personal trainer. It has been my 2017 goal to finally get the acknowledgement I deserve right on paper so the country officially recognizes me as one.

I wonder if you’ve tried my workouts videos yet? They’re super hard! Well, some of them are easy…but all of them are short. So…no excuses!

M’fitties–you have no idea how long I’ve wanted this certification; I’ve always known I was beyond qualified to change people’s lives; I had the knowledge, the passion, and the drive for it all; I just had to save up the money to get the certifications (I also know that I’m more than qualified to be a certified yoga instructor right now. The sad thing is, the certification costs over $2000). It’s a money making business, the certification industry, unfortunately. To thrive in it, you have to participate in it or there’ll be ~legal actions~. All I want is the paper to make me “certified” so I can make a difference out there. There’s nothing more satisfying to me than seeing you change, transform, and succeed. I love motivating and inspiring. It elevates my heart–honestly. I care so much about each and every one of you.

I’ll be saving up for my yoga instructing, but until then, I’ll be a personal trainer and lifestyle/wellness coach.




My goal after I graduate (oh my gosh, did I just say that? I literally only have two years of university left…time has flown by!) from acting is to work for myself, living the solo entrepreneurial life. And maybe have a part time job as well. I’ll YouTube, blog, and meet with clients for Yoga/Fitness Training/ and or Lifestyle Coaching. I do have some doubts about how successful I’d be because starting your own brand is always hard and the first 5-7 years, you’re lucky if you get income at all! I feel that 2 years is too short a time for myself to really get a stable income, especially with rigorous rehearsals at school, I’ll have limited time to keep up with social networks online and offline. But I also know that this is important to me, and that one way or another, the universe will give back to me all the effort that I put into it.

What’s holding you back from your fullest, most joyful, potential? Lacking motivation? Let’s have a chat–you can gain all of this with me!

Email me: PERSONAL TRAINING/LIFESTYLE COACHING: darkest.abyss.worlds@gmail.com✔

❤Do this for you.❤