I love thrift shops more than I like actual clothing stores in malls. I always find something I like there and it’s always much cheaper than let’s say, forever 21 or all those other places. Besides, when I go to malls, I rarely walk out purchasing anything other than tea because I don’t find anything I particularly like! Check out these awesome shoes I found for just $20:

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I am a huge KULTZ with heels! Do any of m' fitties find that they get a nice calves workout when they wear heels? I can't imagine getting in any sort of work out except for balancing throughout the day, because I can barely walk without twisting my ankle! \Man, I am that ladylike.\ :-)●●● I just feel so much more comfortable in running shoes, where I can run, hop, skip, and jump whenever I need to. High heels make me feel like I can only take small,tiny steps but f you know me, im always in a hurry between rehearsals, classes, and client meetings so I dont have time for this short-stepping business! But I'd like to hear your thoughts! Do you feel like you get in more workout with high heels? • •• ••• #burncalories #fittips #stayactive #highheels #motivation #fitlife #weightlosstransformation #yoga #weightlossprogress #calfworkout #beastinthegymladyinthestreets #sweatlikeapigtolooklikeafox #bikinibody #fitspiration #legworkout #bbggirls #bbg #bbgcanada #workoutinheels #heelworkout #fitproblems #calves #livethefitlife #flatabs #bbglife #bodygoals #femaleentrepeneur #runner #healthcoach #bodyunderconstruction

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I never buy heels. I prefer to be barefoot. In fact, ya’ll know I love my sweats and cardigans:

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HAPPY NEW YEAR M'FITTIES! ~ (PS–There's a $100 giveaway on my blog; link is in my bio!) ~ I spent New Year's Eve grocery shopping, finishing Clockwork Angel (an extention of the Mortal Instrument series), ran for 45 minutes, and time with my little siblings. ♡ This was the first time going back home that overall, my trip was good. I didn't fight viciously with my parents as I did in the past, I had only 3 anxiety attacks, and I spent time away from homework for the first time in a long time. I spent time organizing my closet. I spent time not worrying too much about errands. I got my wisdom teeth out. I had less binges than I did last year around this time. And although I cannot say that it was the PERFECT holiday, I can't deny that I did enjoy myself–and now that I'm back here at school, I actually kind of miss the house. I had space there, I had the luxury of couches and big windows and wooden staircases. I could walk around and I could speak to my siblings who look up to me more than they do my parents. ♡ I am so blessed and so happy I had a good time going home. This has never happened in he past before–i am usually an emotional mess. I would binge, cry, shout, lock myself in my door and sulk in my own depression but this time was different; this time back, Christmas and the holidays was so much better than I expected that I'm getting teary as I write this. I am so happy. And I hope–no, I must BELIEVE THAT I will have a great time the next time I go back home too. I can be just as happy, I won't be locked in my own psyche and I won't succumb to the negativity of the environment. This year, my resolutions are to: ➡gain 300+ subscribers on YouTube (follow me @deefitty!) ➡start health coaching 2 new clients (contact me of you're interested in a free private consultation!) ➡kick Binge EATING disorder in the f*cking BUTT!! And eat more mindfully. What are your resolutions, and how were your holidays? • •• ••• #xmas #2017 #happynewyear #newyearseve #newyear #2017resolutions #resolutions #newyearnewme #christmas #bingeeatingdisorder #BEDrecovery #BED #anxiety #depression #BEDwarrior #familyproblems #holidays #christmas3016 #newyears2017 #2017goals

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I was SO THRILLED when my Seraphin from Whitby visited me with her old clothes. Check out the clothing haul video above!

surprise clothing haul


surprise clothing haul boho pants


surprise clothing haul surprised face


surprise clothing haul surprised face scarf


surprise clothing haul sexy face

“America’s next top model is…”

surprise clothing haul

Honestly, you have to watch the video to see my priceless reactions. 😀

The weather is getting slightly warmer outside, and I found myself just browsing around downtown one afternoon:

Also, exciting news! The Green Living Show is happening this April 7-9 and 1 luck winner will receive 2 tickets ($30 value) to the exhibition! I went last year and loved seeing the vendors–there are sustainable products, food, and holistic products. All you have to do is follow the green living show on instagram and my instagram to enter, and I pick one lucky follower! 🙂

What’s your favourite piece of cold-weather clothing? Do you like spring, or fall fashion? When you go out, do you find yourself wearing something comfy and athletic, or fancy and chic?