The Problem with Social Media

Hello m’fitties!

Do you follow certain people on social media on a regular basis? I do. I have about 3 certain accounts I check in on every single day on Instagram, and about 5 accounts I check in on email and facebook. I subscribe to their feed and each time they post, I get a notification.

Say…are you subscribed to my Instagram yet? On your phone, just tap this button on the upper right hand corner of my account:

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Social media is a great way to get a glimpse into somebody’s life without prodding them in person be A) they might be on the other side of the world and B) you don’t want to seem like an overbearing, clingy little thing. Whatever they share, they choose to share.

What does that tell you right off the bat? That social media is selective. Meaning, do not be fooled by what you see! It by no means reveals what exactly a person is going through or feeling in their life. I personally use social media to document mostly the best of the best because I feel like those are the moments that need treasuring. I rarely can gather up the audacity to take a photo on days I’m sick. And who wants to snap of photo of themselves in the middle of an anxiety attack?




Also, being on social media sets an expectation to uphold a certain identity. Sometimes that great for accountability! But it can also be misconstrued that I’m this perfect, perfect being that never steps outside the box of that identity. I’ve talked about my anxiety around this in a past post: I can’t be the fittest every single day of my life. Sure, I share my workouts and I like motivating you guys to move by setting a good example myself, but I sure don’t adhere to my routine 100% 365 days of the year.

My gosh, if you haven’t had the chance to read that blog post yet, PLEASE READ IT. ASDFGHJKL;”!!


Okay, rant over.

Just click play on the video above for my entire speech.

Other things that kinda irk me? It’s pretty creepy that nearly 80% of the people that do talk to me are guys, and they’re usually thirsty hitting on me/are interested.

Gosh, that kind of makes me miss my summer romance.

BUTTTT there are some awesome things about social media too: you guys! (fitties!) I’ve gotten to connect with so many ambitious, loving, kind-hearted people who share my love for health and fitness, or even if they don’t I get along with. There are so many of you located all over the world that I’d love to visit. I’ve been moved to tears sometimes, I’ve gotten letters/donations once or twice in the past, I’ve been touched by your stories. I love you all. :’)

Do you put anyone up on the pedestal? Are you able to meet inner and/or outer expectations?