Alright, time to get SH*T done! Who’s done procrastinating, checking Facebook every 3 minutes during their study hours, getting hungry and then distracted by all the clutter in your room? Stop these bad habits with these simple steps!

Planners I use: EC planner, the planner listed below this video, and here’s why I keep a Gratitude journal!

(Inspired by the new Productivity Planner I got)



1. Work in 25 minutes increments with 5 minute breaks in between.

This is called the Pomodoro effect, also known as “Tomato”, in Italian. Each increment is a Pomodoro. You cannot complete half a pomodoro; you either complete the session or you don’t. This creates a lot of clarity in your work.

2. Do a maximum of 4-5 hours of work a day.

You may thinking working more hours equals more productivity, but that’s not always the case. You have a limited amount of energy and willpower, and if you have more intense “Power work hours”, it is more beneficial than having long work hours getting little done. 

erin condren planner

3. Write out weekly goals.

1 week is the perfect amount of time to get done a smaller goal that leads to the success of a larger one. I use my life planner in this case to write out what my goals are for the week!

4. Within a month, choose 4 aspects to really focus on and break them down into SMART goals. 

S.M.A.R.T! 🙂

5. Don’t sign up for too many projects.

It’s a waste of time dilly-dallying in many things, but never mastering any one thing. Focus your energy on 1-3 projects at a time. You can’t do everything you want all at once, but once you’re done one you can add another onto your plate. This way, you can zone your focus in on those tasks.

6. Schedule in time daily for leisure activity, and one day a week for the whole day to relax! 

I’m holding this book up because sometimes a nice mental refresher includes kicking back with a nice novel. I’m trying to finish all the books in The Mortal Instrument Series!

7. Schedule in 1 day a week to specifically run errands.

For me, that would be cleaning, doing laundry, answering emails, returning books, and shopping. Things like this usually pile up by the end of the week, so save that day to get it all cleared up. 

8. Get outside! It’s a mental refresher, and you’ll feel invigorated.

Which one of these tips will you implement? Which ones are you already familiar with? Are you a student (and if so, what do you study?!)