Secret Santa.

Secret Santas are a lot of fun, did you know?

So, what did I get for secret Santa? And what did I give? Check out the video to find out.

Okay, I’ll tell you what I got:


My class of 15 and I decided to do secret Santas for fun. I’m in a small program for actors and we’ll be bonding for the next 3 years together, so might as well have class events, right? And besides, the thrill of not know who got you is really fun. I seriously wondered what I would get. Usually, because the class is so intimate, you get a gist of what the other person digs. I wondered what I was known for.

Tea? I bring it everyday to class.

Yoga stuff? I’m pretty flexible, as you can tell from my Instagram.


A planner/journal? I don’t know–I’m pretty Type A personality, so I would assume they’d get me something of the like.

So I ended up getting a “courage” key chain and bath salts! I can’t wait to use the latter. I only have a private shower, but my housemates upstairs have a bathtub–I’ll ask them if I can use it.

To be quite honest, I’m not close with anybody in the class; I’ve always felt like a misfit when it comes to social groups and it makes me terribly sad sometimes to be left out, but I can’t help but feel socially awkward in their groups. I just have nothing to say. I nonetheless gave a generally nice present (a penguin cookie jar!) to my secret Santa in hopes that she’d like it, even though we weren’t close.

She did.

QUESTION FOR YOU! What did you get for Christmas? Did you do Stealing Santa/White Elephant, or Secret Santa? What did you give for Christmas?