2016 Year in Review + 2017 Resolutions

YEAR IN REVIEW Resolutions
Another year has gone by. Wow. This year has been quite possibly the most productive year I’ve ever had. I’ve thrown myself into University work and even started entrepreneurship. I’ve experienced things I haven’t before in life and I’ve gotten more serious about my branding as a whole and invested in YouTube more. I’ve been getting things done like bam-ba-bam, nonstop! So much of my work occurs online that I want a standing/treadmill desk so that I can still somewhat be active instead of sedentary throughout the day.

Let’s take a look back at 2016:

2016 Milestone Recap:

first kiss erin condren june 4 2016

  • Did summer courses to get ahead

business cards health coach personal trainer

  • I completed BBG 1 and BBG 2!

before and after photo kayla itsines bbg 1

  • Got into Acting program with 15 other amazing people (90 people auditioned).

2016 conservatory acting class

Started YouTubing consistently, posting videos every Saturday

2017 Goals:

  • Gain 400 more youtube subscribers
  • Finish the 2nd semester of my acting program at school
  • Find time to relax, chill and laugh (maybe watch season 2 of Stranger Things!)
  • Battle BED’s nasty habits
    • By loving myself unconditionally
    • By breathing and appreciating
  • Be more spontaneous and free and present
  • Fall in love
  • Visit more people–> SAY YES more often.

selfie counselling therapy

  • Indulge in the positive aspect of everything
  • Continue going to therapy (I’ve started going…more details on that in another post)
  • Travel somewhere
  • Meet a follower in-person
  • Try pole dancing
  • Try aerial silk
  • Volunteer work! Adding value to other people’s lives add value to my own.


The basic gist of 2017 is to reconnect with myself in all the tasks that I do. Instead of being results-oriented, I want to be journey-oriented so that I fully appreciate the length of the tasks I do to get me where I want to be.

 (Here’s my 2015 recap.)

What is some of your goals for 2017? What are you proud of accomplishing this year?