How to Keep Your Physique After a Workout Program

As you might have known, I’ve come off the BBG workout program since beginning of August. I lost 15 pounds in 3 months, but not 100% of it do I credit to the program. You can see my review of the program here and what I think contributed to the weight loss, if the program is worth buying.

Now, the true test is to see if I can maintain the weight loss afterwards. I wanted to come off of the program because school was  starting soon and I no longer had the flexibility in my schedule to be doing 60-90 minutes of exercise, as the program requires. I study acting and that requires a lot of energy and rehearsal hours outside of class.

So here is me, about 20 days off the program…did I do it? Did I maintain my physique?


Yes! Yes I did!

Often, we regain the weight when we come off a workout calendar, and that’s because we go back to our old habits of eating and exercise. This is not the way to sabotage all our hard work! Here are some tips to maintain your shape:

  1. SLOWLY taper down your workouts. Your metabolism is used to a certain regime, as certain activity level. Going cold turkey (aka fitness freak to couch potato) will only hinder you in the long run
  2. Eat the same diet you did while doing the workout program. Of course, you could play around with your macronutrients and go slightly lower in calories (assuming you are less active). This is no time to dig into the mac and cheese bowl that you ate nightly pre-workout program.
  3. Stay active! Don’t be sedentary. Humans weren’t made to have a sedentary lifestyle. Out ancestors constantly were doing labor. Either that be hunting, nursing, or gathering food. You can go for a hike, walk, bike, and/or do some yoga.
  4. Find a different hobby. When we dedicate time to a workout regime, we set aside time to do it. Now that you have more time on your schedule, find something else to do that is NOT eating. For example, join a club. Sometimes, catch up on some extra Zzz’s. So often we turn to food out of boredem. Gosh, I know that is SO me.

flat abs stomach rolls

Even with a flat stomach I STILL have rolls. This was taken first thing in the morning; post-bathroom session and pre-first meal of the day.


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At the end of the day, you might gain back a slight couple of pounds–but that’s no reason to panic. It’s hard to accept sometimes, but when you’re super lean, you can’t maintain the depleted look all the time. Sometimes the couple of pounds you gain back that makes you look puffy is just water. If you wanted to, you could reduce the puffed up look by going hard for 3 days, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

This is something that I’ve been struggling with sometimes myself. I have to constantly reassure myself that I am not being lazy; I deserve a mental and physical break from accomplishing something so drastic. I have all my life to jump back onto another workout regime, but in order to have good momentum doing so, I need to rest myself so I have the drive to go forward.

progress selfie

What workout programs have you done?

Have you tried BBG before?

What’re your experiences coming off a workout program?

How do you maintain your physique after a workout program?

How do you plan on dealing with the holiday seasons?