Can You Handle This?! {AB CHALLENGE}

50 rep ab challenge pilates

Can you handle this really quick ab challenge? Honestly, it takes 4 minutes to do 50 reps, so I challenge you to do this twice in a row for a total of 100 reps.

Ready? Set? GO!

I love pilates. Do you? There’s nothing like the classical mat-workout that strengthens, stretches, and tones. It’s feminine, graceful, but nowhere near easy! I challenge you to grab your boy (or guy) friend to do this.

Some moves incorporated are:

reverse crunch ab exercise pilates

Reverse crunches: Great for toning the lower abdominal muscles. Make sure your tailbone never touches the ground, even upon lowering your hips.

pilates double leg lift

The classic double leg lift. Who could leave this one out?

pilates double leg lift

And if you want an extra challenge, don’t bring your legs all the way up to 90 degrees– that’s resting(I know all the tricks, you little sneaky sneak)!

pilates bicycle twist

Of course, the bicycle, except with legs extended straight. Remember to bring your shoulder towards your knee; they don’t have to touch; you just have to energetically pull the two points together to engage the abs. Exhale when you twist. This is my favourite transverse abdominal exercise. If you don’t have the flexibility to straighten your legs 100%, keep your knees slightly bent.


I generally work the abs at least once a week and it’s on the mat, pilates style. That’s partially because I don’t own a gym membership to have access to fancy machines. What about m’fitties(you guys)?

Did you handle this? Did you do this back to back? Do you do pilates? What is your favourite abdominal move? Do you have an ab day?