I’ve Been So Off the Radar Recently.


(shirt from forever 21)

School has started, I have a vigorous schedule in my drama/acting program that I’ll save for another post, but I haven’t even had the time to youtube, blog of tumblr properly. I apologize, m’fitties! Even a lot of my instagram photos are throwbacks from previous photoshoots.

In a jiffy, here’s some things happening:

My school supplies include bringing a yoga mat. A yoga mat! What? (psst–it’s for movement class) And wearing athletic clothing. Screw the usual back to school supplies of pencils and notebooks!

I went for a run here and there when it wasn’t scorching outside.

My wage has gone up since I got a promotion at work but that also means I have to work 12 hours a week compared to 9 last semester.

I want to play with the idea of eating more protein to see how my mood, energy and sleep respond. Hopefully, positively!

My acting class requires us to maintain a journal. We’re allowed to stick receipts, tickets, mail, stickers, etc etc and I’m so excited because I already do that with my life/fitness planner but now there’s even more of an incentive to journal. I’m so excited! I bought a new one for $5 for the course:

My love life is nonexistent and I am happy with it being that way because I am way too busy worrying about better things than you.

Chocolate fat bombs are the bomb.

Hung out with the friend I met last year.


Hosted a makeup party.

makeup party

(more pictures to come!)

What’ve you been up to?