My Physique Coming off of BBG, Spiralizer Mania + Life Lately

Hey m’fitties!

selfie kinky lipstick at second city

Do you like my lipstick? It’s called Kinky! When I first saw it, I wasn’t so sure about the colour because it looked so DARK. I don’t think I’m the type to pull off gothic looks, but it applied so nicely in the light and even came out a tinge of purple.

motives kinky lipstick selfie

After a long day at work, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy an improv show. Rest days aren’t just important for the body, but you should also take a rest day for your MIND! Willpower is a limited resource–so recharge it when you can.

distillery district

The distillery district is actually a really nice tourist-y area. I wish I had more time to browse around today.


distillery district

distillery district

distillery district

The night life in Toronto.

vari hall york university



Been obsessed with spiralizers and curry soup recently! (Maybe you’ve found out since my Zoodle Pesto recipe…)


and eating lots of fish…


Am I doing Whey the right whey?



I love having this tea late at night, and I can actually see myself drinking this on a cool fall day.



Still training hard even after my BBG calendar transformation:


I woke up, killed leg day (HORRAY!) went to a friend’s house and started watching pretty little liars. I liked it and I want to get into it but I also know that school is starting soon and it’s be a REALLY bad idea to get into something so close to school season (which I’m so excited about since I study acting).

My friend (egg boy) and I made bacon and we also played a monopoly card game when Kayla came over. We had a wonderful time reconnecting because we haven’t seen each other since grade 12. 🙂

A great side effect of running are tan lines.

elbow tan

Hollllyyyyy crap. I never knew this runner’s elbow tan line even existed!

Maybe you’ve noticed my other tan lines like my shorts in my before/after photo:

before and after photo kayla itsines bbg 1

Note the tan in July!

One important thing to note when it comes to flat abs:

If there’s one thing you should know, it’s that abs always play hide and seek. Depending on the time of day, what you ate a few days prior, bowel movements, and a whole slew of other things like water retention. I don’t look like this everyday; my social media only shows the highlights of my fitness journey.

Keep on keeping on; that’s what important! Don’t let puffy days get you down because it’s consistency that gets you places.



Hey Linda, whatever happened to that boy?


Romantic Life:

Right now, we’re just hanging out on occasion. I’m talking, 2-3 times a month and we’re like casual stuff. I kind of wish we were more than that, that we have strings attached and emotional feelings towards each other, but the less I see him the less emotionally attached I get and I need that because he’s not ready for a serious relationship.

Other things:

I hit 1000 followers on instagram!

instagram 1k followers

Thought for thought:

“The time you spend contemplating whether or not to start, you could have already started.”

So feeling this right now:

funny fitness quote


I guess in a way that’s why there’s pushups, but they don’t make my ta-ta’s any bigger. A full size B cup would be splendid.

gratitude journal quote

Quote from my gratitude journal.




What’s your latest TV obsession?

What’s your latest food obsession?