My Dream Yoga Retreat

What would my dream yoga retreat be? I’ve never been on one but I would imagine it’d be a safe haven for me…


I’m not a particularly picky person, anywhere where it’s beautiful and there’s air conditioning would be fantastic. The floor would be bamboo, there would be a slight breeze from the winds, and the occasional ruffle of leaves would be heard. I’ve always had this vision of doing yoga in a forest where there’d be shade from the sun and the resort has a wooden dock with a canopy. Preferably an eco-home that looks something like this:


In the morning we’d have meditation followed by a strong vinyasa flow. In the evening we’d have yoga by candle light, moving from a vinyasa flow to yin yoga, and finally, savasana. There would be meditation bowls, yoga blocks, straps, and bolsters for support. I love vinyasa because it flows with the breath and gets circulation moving through the body and massages the lymphatic system. Yin helps lengthen connective tissue with its long held stretches (about 2-5 minutes per pose), increasing flexibility. Most of the time, it’s one of the least-impact workouts as well.


Every day would have a different theme. I was thinking along the lines of focusing on each chakra for every day of the week. For example, Monday would be root chakra. Tuesday would be the sacrum, Wednesday solar plex, Thursday heart, Friday throat, Saturday head, and Sunday crown. I’ve always been fascinated with Reiki and chakra energy!

For every practice, we’d set an intention. Whether that be for ourselves, for someone else, or for the whole world…

We’d have group therapy sessions where we play ice breakers, we’d laugh, we’d dance, we would talk about what we want to get out of this retreat(self-development), and be on technology detox for the whole 7 days. That’s hard for me, someone who’s addicted to social media and is constantly working on a project! There’d also be a strong emphasis on raw foods. Zoodles, anyone?

Oh! and one of the days, we’d go camping and tell ghost stories by the bonfire.

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Who will be there?

I’d love to train with my favourite yoga teachers: Tara Stiles, Kathryn Budig(for spunk), Tiffany Cruikshank, Dice Da Klein (for heat and tapas–aka discipline), Taylor Harkness(for playfulness), and Stephanie Snider(for grounding). Most of these teachers I saw on Yogaglo and I love their teaching styles. Heck, I’ll even throw in Jason Crandell in there, because why not? I like his calm voice and I can see myself doing yin with him in the evening.

edith and I making zoodle pesto

Edith and I making zoodle pesto

I can only think of 1 friend that might be interested in going with me and her name is Edith. We’ve attempted partner yoga and had some good laughs trying to get into impossible poses. Speaking of partnered yoga, I would LOVE it if the retreat had a workshop on that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind going to a retreat full of strangers(but maybe kept to a smaller group of 5-10 since larger groups tend to be more intimidating and you wouldn’t bond as much), so long as they’re within my age group (so anywhere from 16-30). This retreat is for intermediate to advanced yogis, because that’s my level and I find a lot of beginner sequences too simplistic.

I love getting to know yogi friends, and that’s why I was happy to find out that Eventbrite allows you to host your own events and connect with local friends.


Have you ever done a meet-and-greet online?

What would your dream yoga retreat look like?

Do you have a fitness/accountability partner?