Coconut Dessert Bark {Fat Bomb}!

Coconut bark

Vegan | Paleo | Keto

This recipe is SUPER simple–honestly you just need to combine everything together and then freeze. What better way to save time and make dessert?

coconut bark FAT BOMB

Make sure sure you have a flat tray you can pour the mixture on so that it create a flat surface for your bark.

coconut bark fat bomb

It also makes cutting it into squares a lot easier.

coconut bark

It crumbles like a traditional bark and it has nice crunch. The only warning I’d give it is that it melts pretty quickly especially at room temperature, so always keep it frozen and only serve right before you eat it.

coconut bark fat bomb

The coconut oil in this recipe will help with the production of ketones they have lauric acid and MCT oil and is one of my favourite oils to use. Grass-fed butter and MCT oil are my other favourites.

coconut bark fat bomb

coconut bark fat bomb

I typically use this as a quick snack that I eat on-the-go. Of course, I’d have to eat it soon before it starts to melt, but if I am in a rush and have no time to cook something, I’d grab and go with this.

coconut bark fat bomb

I store them in a metal container!

coconut bark fat bomb

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Coconut Bark




  1. 1. Mix all ingredients together
  2. 2. Pour in freezer-friendly tray
  3. 3. Freeze for 30 minutes.
  4. 4. TADAA!

 You. Are. Welcome. 🙂

What’s your favourite dessert?

Do you eat fat bombs?

Have you ever tried chocolate bark?