PhOtO dUmP! {#Life in Pictures #12}

Ever have more photos on your phone than words to write about them? Well, that’s where I’m at. I realized I had so many photos on my phone that I’ve been meaning to post but never did, so heres a little #LifeInPictures 🙂


easter cake 2016

For Easter this year, I was invited to Heather’s house again like last year. I tried sticking to as keto-paleo friendly as I could, eating lean meats and trying to pick out the stuffing from the giant-shelled pastas in the lobster-mac-and-cheese-stuffed dish. Heather is a wondrous cook. She also has one of the kindest hearts I know.

heather's graduation present

She also got me gifts for my graduation in grade 12 and never told me. My parents don’t even celebrate that. They didn’t say anything about myself competing high school, and I was shocked that Heather even remembered when we haven’t seen each other in over 9 months.

heather's 18th birthday present

…and she remembered my 18th birthday when my parents didn’t.

heather's birthday cards

heather's present cross led pencils twist

The led-pencil presents were beautiful. You twist the pen to push out more led. They’re gold and they make me feel like a golden student.

heather's present cross led pencils twist

heather's present cross led pencils twist

heather's present

heather's birthday present 18th birthday

And my Christmas gift, when she invited me to come over but I ended up having so much anxiety planning everything out and from everything else going on in my life that I declined. She saved me a present.

heather's birthday present 18th birthday purfume

A perfume set!

heather's easter party 2016

The tables were all set nicely and everyone got a little easter treat.

heather's easter party 2016

At the party, there were the 6 of us.

heather's easter party 2016

I’m honestly so blessed to have heather in my life. In many ways, she’s much like a pseudo-mother to me. I want to see her again this summer.

frozen rain

At some point in late March/early April, it rained frozen rain, and I took this opportunity to go outside and marvel at the beauty it created on trees and buildings.

frozen rain

frozen rain

tea fortune

A tea mantra I found, not where where or when.

Oh wait, I think I know. It when was Cynthia invited me over for an end-of-the-year party where each person designed their own homemade-pizza.

home made pizza

I helped her prep the toppings and knead the dough.


selfie post workout

At some point in April I did a morning workout that didn’t feel so great, but thats okay because I don’t expect to kill it 100% of all my workout days. I’m learning to cope with my anxiety around that.


Throwback to a year ago when my little siblings got home from school on a dark winter night!

siblings raining

This was the day it rained and rained and rained and we waited for the bus for over an hour and I got an anxiety attack. I combatted the feeling by trying to entertain my siblings as much as possible and keep them feeling positive.

siblings at costco

At Costco, M and little J like poutine. Sometimes when mom is not looking, I pick the melted cheese off their fries and eat that. Hey–it’s the only keto-paleo friendly part of the dish and they don’t mind!

ground beef

I think I mentioned how you can make your own chocolate chilli? You have GOT to try it. It’s so nutritious.

outdoors spring

Summer is on its way and the days are getting longer and longer. This was taken sometime in the evening, and the sun was just setting.


positive mantra

A little way to add more gratitude to your day.

What have your days been like? Do you have photo dumps too? What’s on your phone?