Physiclo Review

Hey! How’s your winter running going?

Some days, it’s extremely hard to even get myself out of bed. The bed is so comfy and snug, I just want to roll around and be a fat marshmallow watching Netflix (yeah right, I don’t even have that) than get out of bed. But then it becomes a dilemma because I need to use the washroom and it’s oh-so-far-away from the bed. And the toilet seat is cold. Brrr!

The best days though, are when I put on my big girl panties and suck it up. I head outside and do a jog, which eventually turns into a legit run as I get excited that my pace is faster t han normal from the excess adrenaline the winter air gives me. Those days are days to be treasured and not overlooked!

Winter running calls for longer pants, and I’m so honoured to have a new baby to add to my drawer of leggings; it’s from Physiclo.

physiclo leggings

They come in all sizes–I got the small size. It comes in capris too and you have the option of selecting black or grey and black.

physiclo leggings

What I love about this brand is that they’re specially designed to add resistance to your legs. The added resistance, in theory, helps you activate your muscles so you burn more calories. Think of it sort of like walking with added weight on you, but you don’t think of it because it’s part of the clothing.

How do Physiclo pants help you?

From their website:

The main feature of our resistance technology is a unique system of elastic panels built right into the clothing. As you put the pants on, you’ll notice two separate layers with both inner & outer resistance bands and panels. This allows the panels to stretch independently in different directions, anatomically covering specific muscle groups. As these muscles move and contract, the opposing panels stretch and pull against them, increasing the amount of effort and energy you’re spending as you work out.

Their own research came with these results: Activation of muscle groups by 23% more, and 14% increased calorie burn.


Now, I’m sure that it varies for each individual, so I’d take these statistics with a grain of salt, but what’s for sure is it these pants do get you to work harder. Wouldn’t it be nice to work harder without really trying, in a sense?

physiclo leggings

What I first noticed about the leggings was that they were heavy. They weighed 1 pound and 4 ounces, which is definitely heavier than my jeans( not that you’d see me wear jeans very often). Added resistance, right?

They have an inner layer of “shorts”. The pants are not too thin and not too thick, but nice and firm. The tightest part on my body were the calves. They made them really tight and packed. I have big calves, so this wasn’t a surprise to me.


Also, the pants are somehow thermogenic (?). This isn’t a claim on their website, but just something I noticed when I wore it, and it may be due to the extra layers/padding. When I sat on the cold hard floor on these guys, I didn’t feel cold at all. The temperature of the ground didn’t sink though the layers and touch my skin. I have a good feeling about these babies for winter running!

physiclo leggings

I tried them out. I did squats, squat jacks, lunges, high knees and more, and they were very flexible with movement(despite being “resistance” pants!). The material really tightens and immensely hugs every line, every curve of your legs, as if you were a tight package, but not so much that it cuts off your circulation. The pants feel very durable and strong, but I do wonder how long the added resistance will last with prolonged use. Like with any resistance band or sport bra, eventually the elasticity wears out and the material becomes loose.

physiclo leggings

One thing I wish was that they would be more resistance and tightness around the quads and butt. I have big thighs, so I thought it was going to be tight around that area but it ended up being one of the loosest. The quadriceps and gluteus maximus are the biggest muscles of the body, and thus, burns the most calories. With that kind of activation, my heart rate would be soaring, and this is something I’d like to see in future improvements in Physiclo.

Overall, I love Physiclo. It’s the most unique athletic apparel I have and one of the very best! My question is, when are they gonna make some upper body wear to go along?

Do you own any pair of “special athletic wear’? Maybe those unbalanced running shoes? Or maybe you carry dumbbells with you as you walk?