Fresh City Farms (Organic Food Delivery!) Review

In the last 2 months, I believe back in the beginning of December 2015, I got the chance to review Fresh City Farms, an Organic food delivery system in Toronto! I was intrigued when I first discovered the company; I love monthly subscription boxes and that’s why I love delivery systems, and I also appreciate organic food very much. In fact, one of my goals this year is to eat more natural produce and grassfed meats instead of having the conventional stuff.

What’s great is that they already have the recipes provided for you so you don’t have to decide what to cook for for dinner. Simply order the recipe and the package of the ingredients needed for it will be shipped to you–and they deliver on weekends too!

I also found out that Fresh City Farms includes antibiotic-free meats in their deliveries, depending on what recipe you choose to purchase. I chose the Chicken Caesar Wraps with Root Vegetable Chips and Beef Chow Mein with Broccoli, Carrots, & Mushrooms. If you order meats, they will include a cooler pack to keep it nice and fresh.

fresh city farms

Not to mention everything comes in such a nicely made, reusable bag!

chicken caesar ingredients farm fresh city

Ingredients for Chicken Caesar Wraps. Carrots, romaine lettuce, sweet potato, parmesan, garlic, and the tortilla wrap. The chicken was not pictured because it’s in the freezer!

Oh wait, here it is:

chicken farm fresh city

chicken caesar wrap farm fresh city

beef chow mein farm fresh city

Ingredients for Beef Chow Mein: Tamari sauce, beef(which is in the freezer), chow mein noodles, mushrooms, broccoli garlic.

beef farm fresh city

I modified the recipe to make it paleo-keto friendly by omitting the noodles. I used a little bit of Tamari sauce because I was curious as to how it tastes, having only had soy sauce all my life. It turned out great.

beef broccoli satay farm fresh city

As for the chicken wrap, I made a salad instead:

chicken caesar salad farm fresh city

What I love about their service is that it comes nicely packaged in brown bags for each recipe and was bundled in an overall bag. Also, their meat is organic and antibiotic free, which i totally approve of. I like that their meat is also portioned out and the recipe tells you exactly how much servings the meat is so that I don’t mistakenly eat the entire package(which I tend to do when it comes to protein). I have such a tendency to over-portion that I use a food scale! Also, their vegetables are organic as well. The ingredients are delivered fresh–I can taste the quality, and that’s what I appreciate!

farm fresh city

What annoys me is that I can’t choose specific ingredients that cater to my diet. For example, the ramen beef noodle came with the ramen noodles, which I can’t eat in a paleo diet. The things I did end up eating were the garlic cloves, chicken breast, lean beef, ranch dressing & parmesan, and some of the veggies. In the future, I’d like to see them offer choices to substitute certain ingredients for others in the recipes because it’d be a shame to spend all the money and waste food that I can’t have.

If you’re not local to Toronto you can try finding other meal prep delivery services.

Other than that, I find this food delivery service fantastic–they hold integrity to their quality of food not only by offering organic, but also delivering FRESH. I would like to visit the farmers one day and take a tour of their land.


Do you subscribe to any monthly deliver services? How often do you purchase organic meats and veggies?