The Micronutrient Miracle Review

I came across “The Micronutrient Miracle” while listening to podcasts like I usually do on my walks. Another book? Was my first reaction to the title of the podcast, but I soon learned that these two authors Mira and Jayson were fans of low carbing, so instead of skipping the podcast entirely I decided to give it a try, as I was a fan myself of the keto(low carb)-paleo diet.

And soon after, I was hooked and found myself nodding to a lot of the things mentioned. Everything from weight gain to mineral deficiency to the supplements suggested I resonated with. I had to get this book. I had to.

Craig did not have to change his diet, give up his favorite foods, or force himself to exercise every day to achieve his results. He simply followed the food and supplement plan we provided to him and incorporated the core philosophies of our Micronutrient Miracle program.”

When Mira was diagnosed with osteoporosis, her bone conditioning matched that of an 80 year old. Forced to sell her company because she was nearly bedridden, she moved to live with her sister in Florida, where she did lots of research on the side effects of her prescribed medication and decided to forgo them. She met Dr. Jayson Calton, a doctor specializing in keto and paleo nutrition along with the supplementation of micronutrient to heal his clients. In just two years, Jayson helped Mira completely heal from her condition by determining the micronutrients that her bones were deficient in.

Together they traveled to 135 countries to study different cultures and they have come to the conclusion that the biggest health epidemic is micronutrient deficiency, and they believe that it is the most widespread and dangerous health condition of the 21st century.

Do you have a micronutrient deficiency? Take the short quiz below:

  1. Do you suffer from food cravings, restless sleep, headaches, or low energy?
  2. Have you experienced stubborn weight loss or unexpected weight gain even though you haven’t changed anything about your diet?
  3. Has a physician recently diagnosed you with osteoporosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or cancer?
  4. Do you have digestive issues or leaky gut, or have you been told you have an autoimmune condition?
  5. Do you find that your nails are brittle, your hair is not as healthy as you would like, or your skin complexion is not what you dream of?
  6. Are you dissatisfied with your current physical and mental performance, and do you feel you could be functioning at a much higher level?
  7. Have you noticed hormonal changes in your body, such as lowered sex drive, hot flashes, or PMS?
  8. Are you noticing memory loss, brain fog, or depression, or have you been diagnosed with age-related muscular degeneration?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you likely have a deficiency in one or more essential micronutrients.

Most of us are lacking in some aspect. With my adrenal fatigue, I myself wasn’t surprised to find myself nodding yes to a lot of these symptoms like low energy and brain fog, and I can’t wait to further dive into this book to see just what nutrients I need to take or need to decrease. The best thing about their 28-day protocol(yes there’s sort of a “meal plan”!) is that it adheres to any kind of diet you are currently following. For example, both a vegan and a keto-paleo eater like me can both follow this program and to heal–we’d just get our deficient micronutrients from different sources. Vegans can get their vitamin A from carrots and I can get them from organ meats(here’s why you should be eating liver!). This is so great because it’s so flexible to any kind of diet out there and you can make it work for your own lifestyle. Now isn’t that different from all the other kind of programs out there telling you what you can and can’t eat?

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Have you read The Micronutrient Miracle? What aspects of your life could be improved?