What Your Chipotle Meal Says About You

Chipotle iconEver since the first time I’ve been to Chipotle, I’ve been determined to visit back at least one more time. And I did. I went for interviews and finally, I was hired!. Now, I’ve been working at Chipotle since mid-April, and I can tell you I see a lot of people who order similar things. I can usually tell the kind of person you are by your order! Not that I judge anyone by their looks or food, but it’s fun getting a sense of who people are. For example, if order a kid’s build-your-own, you’re likely bringing the entire fam to dine in: the dad, the grandmum, baby your great, great, great, uncle’s cousin’s hamster–the whole package.

Besides, I thought it’d be fun to do another one of these “What kind of person are you?” quizzes after ya’ll loved the “What Your Breakfast Says About You” post.


You love spicy and chewy, so bring on the heat heat heat!


You’re a classic vegan who loves dem tofu.


You’re classic who enjoys staying in the comfort zone. Cause who can go wrong with chicken?


You like mild meat.


You’re likely Indian and you’re gonna get your bowl swimming in hot salsa. You’re also slow to order and examine every possible option of food you can get on your plate. You need a lot of repetition if it’s the first time you’re there.


You like stringy meat with a slightly smokey flavour.

Double meat with extra rice:

You’re a BAMF who just came back from the gym who needs dem protein and carbs.

A bowlful of sour cream, cheese, and guacamole:

You’re ME and you’re weird and proud! And you’re most definitely keto.

I remember when my co-worker asked what the HELL I was eating. “Heart attack on a plate?” he said, scooping more sour cream onto my shredded cheese strands. I called it the “Linda Alfredo”, since the shape of Monterrey jack was shredded so well it itself could stand in place for pasta noodles and the sour cream, my Alfredo sauce. I’m a total weirdo and totally addicted to dairy(AIYA BAD BAD BAD!), so maybe this trip away to China where I’m from western food wouldn’t be so bad after all!

The most common questions I get and my reactions:

“What’s Sofrita/Barbacoa/Carnitas?”

Sofritas: Shredded organic Tofu. Barbacoa: Shredded beef. Carnitas: Shredded pork.

“What’s not spicy?”


“I’ll get beef.” *points to steak*

Did you mean the barbacoa or steak, sir?

“Do you have whole wheat Tortilla?”

No, just white. But it’s been a popular request!

“No debit?” *blink* *blink*

Only cash or credit, sorry.

(This is because Chipotle wants to get customers through the line as fast as possible; paying debit would mean slowing down throughput with all the punching-in-the-numbers and whatnot. This however, makes it extremely hard on the cashier who has to double check to make sure the transaction actually went through before the customer walks away. On more than one occasion I didn’t catch the customer and they left with $50 worth of free food. I got in trouble!)

“I’ll get Chicken.”

Chicken what? Tacos? Burrito? Bowl? HELLO?? Oh hello, You must be new. 🙂

And a hilarious answer I get when I ask what they want in their food:

“White or brown rice?”


And rudest costumer award goes to…

This woman who was ordering 6 tacos and complained I wasn’t giving her enough meat. I scooped up 2 more chunks of chicken as I explain to her that we had standard 4 oz portionings, and her reaction was, “Yeah, don’t tell me how much is enough meat! Get away, I don’t want you to serve me, I want him to do it.” she said, eyes glued to her meal as she pointed her finger to my coworker Adrian. I said nothing, but switched places with him as he continued her order in stunned silence and I moved onto the next customer, being as cheerful as I can.

Keep in mind this was in front of a whole lineup. She made a huge scene!

Bottom line? Complaints are inevitable; but doing the right thing is doing the right thing. I wasn’t even meant to give her a few more chunks of meat because our restaurant is strict about its portioning, I was only doing that for good customer service.

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What do you typically order at Chipotle? Do you have any behind-the-scene questions for this Chipotle employee? Have you dealt with rude customers and how did that go? Share your stories and I’ll share them on the blog!