4 Multitasking Habits of Mine {#LIPlinkup #25}

I always complain that I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough time to do this, or that, to enjoy myself and sit and relax. Especially since getting my Chipotle job, my schedule has become more hectic.

Here’s some of the things I do to save as much time as possible. I hate spending my time doing nothing, because I could always be getting something done!

Commute + Read Articles Offline

Sometimes I see interesting things on my Facebook dash pop up, and I want to read it, especially if it’s a fitness article or an interesting website selling clothing or service. I usually save it on an app called Pocket. Pocket is one of the best productivity apps I’ve downloaded on my phone and iPod. It allows me to save links for offline viewing, and I do this as I am commuting.

Do Labor + Listen to podcasts

I used to not be so big on podcasts, but as I’ve grown older, it started to grow on me. I remember when I first got into it. I was introduced to the idea because a Shaun T had just started one called “Define Your Life“, and being an Insanity fantatic, I follow Shaun T like a mouse follows cheese. So I listened to it, felt inspired by his childhood story, subscribed to it, found similar wellness podcasts on the apple store, and before I knew it I was subscribed to a whole bunch. Perhaps one day I’ll write a post on all of the stations I’m subscribed to. Let me know if you’re into that?

I like listening to podcasts because I can do laundry, clean the floor and run while zoning out and learning something new. It’s like reading an article but instead you rest your eyes and free your hands.

Sleep + Use the sloooooow cooker

slow roasted pork

Slow roasted pork…mmm…

This requires almost no effort at all–throw food in your slow cooker and go to sleep. Bam! The next morning, you don’t need to cook. Just put the cooked food in tupperware and take with you on the go to eat! The slow cooker is an essential in my house, and you can find the one I want right here:

…and it’s portable too!

Hula Hoop + Talk on the phone:

I actually don’t do this very often. When I talk on the phone for a length period, I am generally upset or tired so I crash on the bed and talk, but sometimes it’s nice to be active!

A linkup with Amanda, Becky and Heather

What do you do to multitask?

What are you favourite podcasts?

Do you get anxious doing nothing at all?