top 5 best exercise for amazing abs

Want abs like mine?

I’ve compiled some of my favourite, secret-ish moves that I use to get strong abs. And, paired some some great eating and cardio sessions, you can shed off the fat and get a defined look. So I made a video for you to follow along.

If you have time, see if you can do this workout back to back(so twice through) with as little break as possible. I filmed this in my living when my family was out so I could have some privacy and shamelessly strip off my top to reveal some skin.

Some of this moves(in non-chronological order):

Double Leg Lift

double leg llift!

It looks like I’m saying, “Yikes,” in this double leg lift!

Reverse Crunch

reverse crunch

Keep that tailbone off the ground!

Butterfly Kickouts


Otherwise known as “D”-kicks



(I’m so mature)

Single Leg DROPS

single leg lift

That’s right, not LIFTS, but DROPS, because drops are harder and I’ve complied only the very best moves for you.



I bet you’ve never seen this move before. Fancy, huh?(not really, just hard!)


So if you’ve done the video in its entirety, you’ll find there are a few moves more than 5, but only 5 main ones. Make sure you’re subscribed to my Fitness Channel and my nonsensical vlog channel on youtube to make my youtube dream come true! 🙂

What did you think of the workout? On a scale of 1-10, how hard was it?

Most hated ab move?

What kind of video would you like to see next?

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