Sunday March 29

Oh my Gosh, I did it.

I freakin, freakin freakin DID IT! I ran 14 kilometers today in 1 hour, 25 minutes.

fitbit 14k run splits

14k run splits

If you don’t want the whole novel I’m about to launch into, here’s the short form:

  • I did it fasted
  • It was windy outside
  • I went to the track and ran 6 laps (1 fast, 1 recovery x 3 and then 3 more laps)
  • I ran the park loop twice
  • I ran on pavement
  • I got blisters on my feet
  • I’m so happy I could die!

I didn’t intend to even run today when I woke up, seeing the -10 degree Celsius sign on my phone. Then I checked the “real feel” rating which read -6, and a part of me sighed in relief, knowing I could run in that temperature. Another part of me gulped as I threw the sheets over my sleep-heavy body again, closing my eyes. I was ready for the long run. I was still slightly sore from Friday’s speed round at school, but if Tina Muir could do it, I could do it too. Besides, today was Sunday. I had the entire day yesterday to rest up. It took another 15 minutes of lying in bed, thinking about boy-cut hairstyles and bathing in bath salts till I got up and about.

As I headed out the door, I hesitated with deciding what to wear. Would it be too cold to head out in a t-shirt, hoodie, and leggings? That’s what I’m wearing indoors, but I’ll warm up as I start to run, right?

windy spring day

Windy spring day

I headed out the door not knowing where to go but found myself at the track a few blocks from home. I ran 6 laps there, alternating between fast and slow. I thought this was a good way to warm up, because my body responds well to leg burn and fast cardio. If I felt like I was going to die, and then recovered fully right after, then I was ready for anything. I didn’t get to my peak anaerobic threshold, but it was a good start nonetheless. Later I found myself at a local park which is part of my 10k route. I didn’t know how long I’d be running today, I assumed I’d run until I feel like I couldn’t go any further either from spending so much time on my feet or foot blisters. My adidas shoes from Costco were one finger too large for me and cause a massive problem when I’m leaning forward to sprint, so most of this run, I struck mid-foot. I did the 3k loop in the park twice and passed lots of dog walkers. Around this time the sun came up and I periodically took my hands out from hiding beneath my long sleeves. I wondered when my family would be returning from Ikea(they went to get the $1 breakfast there) and did a quick calculation. I should be back before they return and they’d never know I snuck out to make some happy time running…

I also thought about how to celebrate my 18th birthday on April 28th. My 16th birthday was dream-shattering. I spent it crying and I’m determined to not have that happen again, but at the same time I didn’t have the luxury to host a huge party, nor the number of friends to. Maybe a small get-together at a café? Or my house? Oh no, not my house. I couldn’t stand the thought of having my parents home for my party.

I wonder what I’d get for my birthday from them? I won’t mention it; maybe they won’t remember. And if they don’t, it won’t matter to me.

I thought of a million things and yet, nothing at all during my long run. It’s funny because I always ask what other runners think of to pass time but if someone asked me what I thought of during this run, I’d have no good answer to give.

Around 9.5km I started getting blisters on the inside arches of my feet. I ignored them and really started to feel fully warmed up by now. If I wanted to, I could run faster, but I stuck at my current pace and continued running for another few kilometers home. I was so happy to see my tracker say I was running so long and so far! I couldn’t wait for the day I could run continuously for 2 hours. Of course by then, I’d have new shoes.

feet blisters

Feet blisters


When I got home, I felt more alive than ever. I couldn’t untie my shoelaces because my hands were happily frozen and my legs, sore. Not the muscles sore, but the nerves sore. You know that feeling when your masseuse finds a trigger point and presses down on it and a tenderness just travels down your leg? That’s the kind of sore I felt, and it’s so tasty and rewarding.

And when I got back I made myself some bone marrow and pork chips to eat. I can’t wait very well but I’m in happy pain and it was gorgeous outside and I feel fulfilled.


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