Labeling Meals “Breakfast”, “Lunch”, and “Dinner”. {WIAW #14}

I know my posting schedule has been pretty all over the place the past two weeks, going from blogging just Fridays to some other random days of the week as well. There’s just so much to catch up on I don’t want to wait until life throws me new things to blog about when I haven’t even posted what’s happened three weeks ago! After next week, it’s back to blogging just Fridays, I can’t commit to doing any more than that at this point.

Since doing keto/paleo and intermittent fasting, I rarely see my meals as “Breakfast”, “Lunch”, and “Dinner” any more. Why put labels? Can I not eat eggs and sausages for dinner? Besides, being on this diet is so satiating that I just eat pretty much whenever, whether that be 2pm or 5. My food is pretty wound up to be meal #1, #2, and #3 or more. Let’s hit up a sample day of what I eat!



I ate this around 11am at school during lunch time. Egg boy thought it was tuna and I just smiled and went along with that. It was the canned salmon I got from his house–apparently I know his cabinet better than he does, haha!



My new favourite salad is the kind of dressing where you use raw egg yolks. YUS YUS YUS!


And in this salad I used a HUGE hass avocado. Guys, I’m pretty sure this has like 700 calories or something and I ate two of them in my salad. I gobbled up every single chunk.


The entire salad! Better than some of the salads I’ve bought at restaurants, actually. I’m pleased with this keto-paleo version I made.



Slowcooked pork

Slowcooked pork

A sample dinner I’d have would be some slowcooked bone marrows. Honestly? I can’t get enough of this. I wonder what my dorm roommates will think of me next year with this kind of unconventional food. I’d probably bring this to my private room(if I get a single room) and gnarl this like a cavewoman! (PS-I also eat liver) 😉


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