Rawlicious + Chipotle Restaurant Visits! {WIAW #13}

Two restaurants in one week. That never happens!

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to take an entire rest week. Well, I took a rest week and then some, and I thought my eating was going to be super clean to compensate for having no exercise, that didn’t happen, as you can guess from the title. This entire week, I had a lot of rehearsals and two show nights for the annual spring variety show at my high school. I never got around to telling you how I was going to go about it, what my goals for rest week were and why I wanted to incorporate it. That might come up in an upcoming post because I’ve already taken photos for this post, I wanted to post this first.

Enjoy the recap of my week!

The italic texts mean that the text was written right at the moment, in a “dear journal” format. Otherwise, everything else is written like this. 🙂


I went to Chipotle for the first time on march 11 2015. Enough said!


Ordering station

I thought this place only existed in the US.


Post rehearsal, pre-show selfie.

Chillin’ all lonesome at Chipotle’s. I initially didn’t plan to go but once I found there was a location just 15 minutes from the school, I borrowed $20 from a classmate to go because I couldn’t stand living under a rock and denying myself of all the fun opportunities there are out there. I don’t regret going! It was fun, despite being alone.

Chipotle Salad

The Chipotle Salad

I got the salad with romaine lettuce, sour cream, shredded cheese, tabasco sauce and carnitas(which is slowcooked pork). In total, this was around $10.15, with tax.

Chipotle Salad

Close up shot of sour cream and shredded cheese.

Sort of volcano, isn’t it? I still feel like since I didn’t ask for a lot of the other toppings like salsa and beans, they didn’t fill it up to bowl’s maximum.

chipotle salad

Can you see the carnitas on the left?

Oh well, I suppose it was a blessing anyway because I ended up eating this entire thing instead of portioning it out like a good Fitty, and if they had more i would’ve ate more. I’m a guilty member of the clean plate club.

Chipotle Salad

Ugg. Yum.

white cheddar chipotle on the side

White Cheddar

Last time I did 28 days dairy free just fine, breaking just shy of 30. Now I went to Chipotle’s with the full knowledge that I wasn’t going to get salad dressing. I was going to use sour cream and cheese for dressing! The barista(whatever you call the server–oh yeah–you call them severs, don’t you?) didn’t give me enough cheese so when I finished I went back, and guess what I asked for on the side?

I cheesed myself hard that night! I appreciate that all the ingredients they use are more or less natural. So easy to make and so natural, that I tried replicating the taco salad at home, and perhaps I’ll share that recipe with you another time.

I’m on break at chipotle before the 7:30pm show tonight. I ordered a bowl of carnitas with extra extra cheese(to be honest it was embarrassing how much times I kept asking, “more cheese!”. In the end, after finishing my bowl, I went back and asked for some more cheese on the side…I still don’t think I got enough since my bowl wasn’t full as the other people who ordered to have everything(I excluded tomatoes and beans and rice and guac and a bunch of other stuff) and I think their sour cream was only 14% and I purchase mine at a minimum of 30% but hey, I’d love to work here. It’s smackin’! I’m going to hand in my resume the next time I come.

This was yummy!


On Friday, I skipped school because I’m a badass motherfuck–fitty and instead spent the day afternoon with my pastor out for lunch. I skipped for two reasons:

  1. We never do anything the day post-show
  2. People start leaving for march break on that Friday, so with lots of absences teachers can’t do much.

Plus, I had one academic course this semester, and that’s English. I have a pretty chill english teacher and I can say I’m pretty much on top of my game so I wasn’t worried about missing class on Friday. Besides, they’re just watching movies in class as Musical Theatre students had to miss classes, which is a significant amount of people in our class. So, between Pickel Barrel and Rawlicious, he picked me up and we drove to Rawlicious to catch up and eat. Pickel barrel has terrible low carb options anyway, and at least I’d be visiting somewhere new at Rawlicious, which was always what I wanted!

rawlicious pad thai

Raw Pad Thai?!

I actually took more photos on my vlog camera which is probably better quality, and I also have video footage that I’ll show you one day maybe, in a second Rawlicious post. 🙂 People stared as I walked around with my camera narrating. #YouKnowYoureAYoutuberWhen

Pad Thai rawlicious

Pad Thai

Can you believe this thing was made entirely raw?

As the name implies, Rawlicious is a cozy chill-out, holistic restaurant that serves raw vegan food. Nothing is cooked; everything is prepared either cold, room temperature, or slightly warmed up. When I walked in, I was surprised to see just two people working: the cashier and a cook. The cook threw everything together because the ingredients were all pre-sliced and prepared and the dressings were in bottles. I guess her job is to just assemble and toss. Like her job is to plate them. Seems like such a simple job I would love to take on! I sure want to work here. I love the philosophy even though I’m neither raw nor vegan.

I sure felt light and beautiful after finishing my meal instead of gross and heavy after eating at other restaurants(Italian, anyone?).

Pasta Bolognese rawlicious

Pasta Bolognese

My pastor ordered the Pad Thai while I ordered the Pasta Bolognese. They were both really good. The secret ingredients are that they used nut-meats and and nut-cheeses to replace cheese and meats and make it vegan. Granted, it was higher in carbs than I would’ve liked but it was nonetheless very good. #noRAgrets 🙂

Nori Rolls with Chipotle Mayonnaise rawlicious

Nori Rolls with Chipotle Mayonnaise

So for dessert, I had an appetizer.

Why not?

Chipotle mayo

Chipotle mayo

This was nori wraps, and instead of sprouts in my sushi, I asked for it otbe replaced with cucumbers. Unforunately, I guess I didn’t make it clear that I only wanted cucumber in it, so it came with carrots and avocado, but I picked out the carrots and ate everything else in it and dipped everything in Chipotle mayo. Oh man, I sure wish I had more Chipotle mayo! I could make an entire salad with this. Life goal? To replicate a keto-paleo friendly version of this Chipotle sauce.

Nori Wraps

Nori Wraps

And he got the Cinnamon Sugar Ball.

Cinnamon Sugar Ball

Cinnamon Sugar Ball

I had one bite of this thing and knew exactly what was in it:

Cinnamon, dates, almonds, cashew, nutmeg, maple syrup, and shredded coconut. Sounds like a larabar to me! They’re so cute.

This wasn’t even real guys. I went out to lunch with my pastor to catch up on life and I got the Pasta Bolognese and had the appetizer for dessert: the nori wraps with chipotle mayo. He got the famous raw pad Thai and cinnamon ball for dessert.

Pictures from top to bottom: pad Thai, pas Thai, pasta bolognese, pasta bolognese, my sushi, sushi, SUSHI, and the cinnamon snow ball.

Everything is raw and nothing is cooked.

I have an obsession with raw foods now!!! All thanks to Rawlicious!!


My pastor and I talked about health, stress, future plans, and more. Upon leaving, I insisted on paying for my part. The nori wraps were $7.50 and pasta bolognese $14. His Pad Thai was $15 and the cinnamon ball $2. This place ain’t cheap guys, but he paid the last two times we went out together to catch up and this time I was determined to not let that happen, but the minute I touched the bill, he put his hand on mine and said, “it’s fine.” I took out my wallet and protested but it was final, he was paying. The total was around $43 dollars. He took out a $50 bill and placed it down, and after saying out goodbyes to the two behind the counter, we left.

Before he dropped me back at home, I handed him the present I hid under the seat of his car when I came in. I wrapped it in bubblegum and this is what he said said said two plastic bags so the cover wouldn’t show and it wouldn’t be distracting in the car. It was a box of 24 KIND bars(and an extra two bars of Dark Chocolate Chili, my favourite). You know those things you see overpriced at Whole Foods, Bulk barn, and Starbucks at $2 per bar? They’re made of non-gmo, low glycemic ingredients using a mix of nuts, chocolate, honey, and dried fruits. He thanked me and I said it was the least I could do now that he’s paid for my lunch.

He’s got a kind heart.

Stick around for an upcoming “Day In the Life of Rest Week” post, “March Break Fitness”, and why I implemented a rest week!

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Do you ever reward yourself with restaurant trips, and if so, what do you have to do to earn that reward?