Meditation + I Ate Dairy and Nuts + Other Tidbits

a linkup with Amanda(for my thoughts out loud), Becky(for how I treated myself with these foods), Jenn(for what I ate lately), and Heather(for Favourites Lately) and Tab and Erika(for a Friday Roundup).

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So this week has been pretty chill with the workouts; I’ve toned it down a little bit to compensate for more stretching and sleeping. The last time I HIIT it hard? Instagram points to February 17th:

Next week is the week I’m supposed to rev up my training to twice a day–one intense session in the morning and a medium one in the afternoon. Let’s see how I do…I really hope it goes well, because after that week I have a planned rest week and I don’t wanna “waste” my rest week by not complimenting it with a hardcore week, as athletic performance will no doubt shoot up using a tactic like that as compared to just having regular workout amounts and then taking a rest week. My only request is that my stomach participate with me and digest all the food nicely before my workouts so I don’t feel sluggish.

I’m in the works of editing a vlog for my secondary youtube channel, but meanwhile, have you checked out my Top 5 Favourite Stretches yet? Maybe I’ll post the video next week.

stretching selfie

Have you done my stretching video yet?

I obviously should’ve incorporated a yoga mat because the hardwood floor was not good padding on my joints.

happy baby pose

Should’ve done this on a yoga mat…

Whole Foods

Whole Foods, yay!

I went to Whole Foods today and well…ate chips and dairy and nuts. I know, I know, not ketogenic nor paleo-friendly, and unfortunate that I vowed to stay dairy and nut free for the month of February, but the minute I saw free samples for 3 year-old cheddar, a bunch of excuses(oh, it’s FREE!) popped into my mind and I devoured a whole bunch, and to be honest they were slightly bitter and not at all quite as good as I expected them to be. So in a sense, that was a waste and I broke my longest dairy and nut free record(oh, I also had some almond butter from the grind-your-own almond butter machine I so love) for nothing(?) but I shrug it off and continue the rest of February dairy and nut free now. Besides, perhaps I’m pretty turned off by cheese…hopefully after that experience. But it was nonetheless a great place to be and survey all the lovely foods I wish I had.

Tomorrow is another 36 hour #IF! 🙂 So glad I don’t have to be prepping meals and stuff like that today because I got back home and barely have time to blog. I’m even pushing back my homework.

cold selfie

Baby it’s cold but aint snowing

It’s been a cold week and I’m using the neck of the jacket to hold up my ipod to my ear so I don’t have to hold the ipod itself with my hands to listen to the podcast. This was me commuting to school today. Other things that happened at school:

  • I had an English debate that went very well. I spoke a lot and also tried my best to give my fellow teammates a turn to rebut the other side(I was on the con side)
  • Our school is doing the “Sweeny Todd” opening number for the Spring Variety show. Has anyone ever seen that musical yet? I hear Johnny Depp is amazing in the movie and I ought to check that out. It’s crazy high for the soprano 1’s but I love it!
  • I’m looking forward to sleeping tonight.

 Anything exciting happening this weekend?

Are you getting a lot of snow, or just a lot of cold?