the 100 workout

Hey Fitties! How’re ya doing?

It’s the start of the second semester at school(more on that another day) and I’m still blogging only once a week, which gives me much more freedom to live my life and produce better content. It’s also given me time to grow my youtube channel, as I’ve tirelessly expressed that beyond being a blogger and beyond any other social media, I dreamed of being a youtuber. Well, I have some video footage of working out! Horray!

This 100-workout is done in real time so you can follow along. It’s hard but you get breaks in between as I explain each movement, you lucky duck. Next time, you don’t get a break!

Like I mentioned in my last workout video, I have two channels: thefitty(for wellness and fitness), and thefittytv(for vlogs and other random videos). I’m trying to produce more content for the former channel as that’s what’s been requested through tumblr are real-time workout videos. Is that also what you’d like to see?

Okay, onto the workout. Don’t be scared: this workout is so short and is medium intensity.

This is called the 100 workout because 10 reps of 10 moves make up the workout, and if I remember my A-B-D’s correctly, 10 x 10 = 100.

(Psst…Checkout the A-B-C BLT!)

What are the 10 moves, you say? Let’s start with my least favourite:

10 Burpees


Burpees are one of my power moves. And by power moves, I mean moves that are super effective at burning your muscles and getting your heart rate up but moves that are the hardest. Love-hate relationship, you know?

10 Tuck Jumps

tuck jumps

Another power move! See if you can jump with your toes pointed…;) just for kicks. Pun intended.

10 Squats


The best in-between exercise to settle the heart rate but keep the leg burn.

10 Squat Jumps

squat jumps

Similar to tuck jumps but not as hard. SO POINT YOUR TOES THIS TIME!

10 Leg Lifts

leg lifts

The best lower abdominal exercise.

10 Chicken Jacks

chicken jacks

Don’t laugh at me; this exercise is 10x better than jumping jacks.

10 Spidermans


Talk about abs + cardio all in one! This burns the arms and shoulders too.

10 Push Ups


Work the chest, biceps, and triceps.

10 Mountain Climbers

mountain climbers

Can you not see the joy on my face?

10 Jumping Jacks

jumping jacks

And of course, the jumping jacks. Probably the easiest move you’ll get in this workout, so enjoy!


And because while editing this video I came across some really silly photos, I’ll share them:

the 100 workout selfie

The “HAAAGGG” mouth

preparing for jump the 100 workout

The “oops-I-just-farted-did-anyone-notice” face.

a linkup with Amanda, and Heather

Overall, how did you find the workout?

What videos would you like to see next: vlogs, real time workout videos, lapsed yoga sequences, Q&A’s…etc?