This “Elitism” Bullshit That Goes With Being Vegan {WIAW #11} {#LIPlinkup #16}

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Here we go!

a linkup with Jenn, Heather,and Amanda

selfie funny

selfie funny

 Some vegans…I simply cannot tolerate(coughFREELEEcoughDURIANRIDERcough). I received a hate message on my blog the other day for eating liver. And quite naturally, I deleted the comment. Why do we need to put down others for not having the same diet? Not everyone shares the same nutritional philosophy, and that’s what makes the world go round. You aren’t more “elite” for being a vegan/vegetarian than anyone else; I don’t shove my paleo-keto diet down other people’s throats and I didn’t ask for your opinion to be shoved down mine.

if you’re vegan that’s great.

if you’re not vegan that’s also great.

if you’re vegan and you’re bashing other people for not being you’re a dumbass that needs to GTFO.

You’re not better than anyone else for not eating animal products, let’s get that clear.

 The other day, I received a hateful comment from an anonmyous “Emma” that shamed me for eating meat.

Hello Emma. This one is for you.

You’re special.

I ate some extra bacon this week.

Just for you.


thick cut bacon

You go thick cut, you never go back.

salmon salad

salmon salad

I miss eating salads.

lint dark chocolate nutrition facts

The darker, the better.

liver and egg lunch

Actually eggs and liver though.

eggs and bacon


eggs and bacon

eggs and beef burger

pork cartilage

Can you guess what this is?

pork cartilage

pork cartilage

Pork knee cartilage. Uh huh.

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Highlights and lowlights of your week? Best thing you ate this week?

How do you like your eggs? Thin, or thick cut bacon?