Skinny Noodles Review

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Introducing Skinny noodles! Let me tell you, by their nutrition facts, these noodles are skinn-ay. Like, legit skinny, no those “100-calorie-bagels” skinny where all they do is portion size the bread smaller than a regular bagel(might as well just eat half of the regular thing and save you a buck) but actual, legit, skinny. One serving of noodles is around 0-15 calories, 0 everything(fats, sodium, etc) and a contains like 3-4 grams of carbs, all of which are soluble fiber. One package has about 2 servings. I used to buy whole wheat pasta back in the day when I was low fat, and some people think whole wheat pasta tastes like cardboard, but to be honest, I liked the consistency and fibrous chew. What a shame; I could’ve been buying Skinny Noodles if I only knew, which has just as much volume and none of the calories. Is that even possible? I mean, zucchini noodles have even more calories…

skinny noodles

You must be thinking it tastes like yucky 0 calories too, and I’ll be first to admit I wasn’t too fond when I first opened the bag either, but they taste just fine provided you cook them right. Skinny noodles are made of water and Konnyaku (Glucomannan) and packaged in calcium hydroxide to retain freshness. They are a fantastic alternative to pasta lovers who can’t take the carbs or calories because they “hold the space” for the pasta as you add the real meat and potatoes of the whole Italian dish–the sauce of course.

skinny noodles rice

Look, they even have a rice version for rice lovers.

How the hell do I prepare it right?

Pay attention; this is the most important part or you’ll end up eating something nasty. First, drain the noodles from the package and flash boil them in hot water for 5 minutes. Drain them again and pat them dry. This gets rid of the fishy smell from the solution in the bag(I promise you, these noodles do not taste like fish, like many people who failed to properly prep claim.) Now, you can use these noodles like regular pasta noodles: make Alfredo with them, put them in pho, make Chinese stir-fry…the possibilities are endless! I personally encourage you to use them in strong flavoured-sauces because they soak up flavour quite nicely. I use them often in homemade pho and they taste just as good as the regular thing.

How do they compared to pasta?

It doesn’t taste exactly like pasta. It’s not starchy or munchy like regular al dente, but rather a slightly bouncier texture and is super easy to chew through. It holds onto water because its partly made from water, but it absorbs flavour pretty well.

In short, this is what I love about them:

  • They’re filling
  • They’re any-diet friendly(low carb, gluten free, etc)
  • They’re low calorie(and low carb!)

Isn’t that just every dieter’s dream? #CantComplain

Where do I get some?!

You can purchase them right from their website and you can get them off of Amazon!

I cannot express to you my love for noodles like these(oh ps–they make your favourite pasta shapes like macaroni and Angel hair. They also have “rice”!). They are any-diet-friendly and they are such a fantastic way to fill your belly with volume but without the calories. Stay tuned for future recipes, okay guys?

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