December Challenge–Are You IN?

a link up with Becky and Jenn.

december challenge

Remember how I said I had something in store for you next month? Here’s the challenge overview, you guys! I partnered with a fellow member on Tumblr(and you can see that I’ll be doing this challenge myself on that platform). Feel free to join in for some fun activities  in these next cold 31 days. 🙂

Everyone who participates on any social media platform(just remember to use #decemberwellness on your post and you will definitely be noticed more for doing so) will be a part of a promotion at the end of the month! You can optionally tag us:

TheFitty: Twitter and Instagram

FutureFitnessGuru: Twitter and Instagram

Day 1: Introduce yourself, your twitter/instagram if you have one, and your goals for the month.

Day 2: Break down one of your goals into a smaller goal that you can complete in 7 days.

Day 3: Try a new food. What was it? Did you like it? Take a picture.

Day 4: Hydrate! Make sure you’re drinking at least 2L of water a day! How do you make sure you are drinking enough?

Day 5: 100 Day: Do 25 jumping jacks 4 times throughout the day! What is your favorite way to stay active in the winter?

Day 6: Write a letter to Santa, or answer this question: What is something you can’t live without?

Day 7: Find 2 other people doing the #decemeberwellness challenge and make them laugh(somehow!) Submit a picture, or tell a joke. Just remember to tell them you’re from the challenge!

Day 8: Reflect on your goals from day 2 & 1.

Day 9: Take a picture of your favorite place to relax and explain why you love it so much.

Day 10: Try this 8-minute HIIT workout! How did you find it?

Day 11: What is one cause/charity that you are really passionate about and why? (Examples: cancer, animal cruelty, etc) And if you don’t have one, just skip to the next part: Dance to your favourite song and go all out. Feel free to post a couple second video of your awesome dance.

Day 12: When did you decide to create a healthier lifestyle? Why?

Day 13: Take a photo of anything and caption it. (We’ll each share our favourite ones)

Day 14: Spread some love! Pick 3-5 bloggers (or more) and write a message that will make their day.

Day 15: How are you doing on your goals? Do you need to rewrite some?

Day 16: What is your favorite quote? Who inspires you and why?

Day 17: Brag about something you are really good at.

Day 18: What is something you have learned about yourself through your fitness/health journey?

Day 19: What is the best way you deal with stress?

Day 20: QUICK, DON’T THINK: RUN INTO THE LIVING ROOM MAKE WEIRD NOISES AND DO SOMETHING SILLY & WAVE YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR. (yes, even if you live alone with your cat). Feel free to post a video.

Day 21: What is your favorite healthy recipe?

Day 22: What is something good that happened today? Something bad? What can you do to make tomorrow a better day?

Day 23: Pamper yourself today for at least 5 minutes. Meditate, get a massage, listen to music…

Day 24: List 5 things on your holiday list!

Day 25: Merry Christmas! TAKE 5 SNAPSHOTS OF YOUR DAY!

Day 26: Share your favorite Holiday memory!

Day 27: What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Day 28: Take slow 20 minutes to chew one of your meals in mindful silence. What was your experience like?

Day 29: Instagram/Tweet/Tumblr a picture of your Holiday decoration!

Day 30: Anything you noticed that’s changed since the beginning of the challenge? What’s happened in life since December 1st? Tell it in story or Dear journal, form.

Day 31: How did you do with your goals? What do you need to improve on? Set your resolutions for the New Year. And would you do another sort of challenge in January, whether that be something like this or a meal plan, etc?

Will you be doing any sort of December challenge, whether that be this one, a meal plan, a fitness routine, etc?